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Saudi Authorities Organizes a Wedding for a Prisoner in Saudi Jail

Wedding in Saudi Jail

Freeing the Negative Notion of Jail (Prison)

Whenever we think of jail, we imagine a place where criminals are kept to punish for their committed crimes, where people are imprisoned and rotten food is given to them.

A concept of extreme negativity appears to our minds but a few days ago, the marriage took place in prison, which completely altered our concepts towards jails, it’s environment and the government handling techniques and no doubt this act of kindness shows the generosity and humanity of Saudi Government and people who organized wedding for inmate in jail. Read more: Saudi Tourist Fell Down in River Nile While Taking Selfie

The Wedding took place in Saudi Jail

In Saudi Arabia, Jails usually allows prisoners to get married in a Saudi jail, going as far as hosting and paying for their marriage celebrations. Wedding in Saudi Jail

Not only this but they also grant permission to their prisoners to spend three to five private hours with their wives at least once a month, with fresh linens and tea and sweets on the specified day. Read: Sleeping Saudi student left behind in school bus saved by a classmate

This means that they entirely give a right of a human to their prisoners as well, they consider them a rational and healthy human being and deal with them in an ultimate cooperative way. Wedding in Saudi Jail

Example of this happened last Saturday, were held a huge marriage ceremony for an inmate in the same prison. Not only the wonderful reception but the prisoner and his bride were also given luxurious gifts including a sum of money, wrist watches, and a car. Read more: Saudi expat worker lost his life due to fear of monkey

This is Not the First Experience of The Knot Held in a Saudi Jail

Last year, a wedding celebration was held for a prisoner in Al Qatif jail. Wedding in Saudi Jail

In 2017 also, a Saudi’s wedding ceremony was held in one of Baha city’s prisons, and we are looking forward to such amazing models to happen in the future to share humanity. Read more: How four robbers were caught using satellite technology in Saudi Arabia

The response of Saudi Citizens and Saudi Expats on Social Media (Tweets)

Translated: “This wouldn’t be the first time a wedding is held in a Saudi prison.”

Translated: “You didn’t believe them when they told you our prisons are five-star.”

Translated: “Alf Mabrook (Congratulations) to the newlyweds.”

Translated: ”Thankful to organizing authorities.”

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