Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Authority Announces to Return to Offices with Full Precautionary Measures

The outbreak of the pandemic of Coronavirus caused the world to undergo major lock downs and that caused the closure of all the offices and other educational centers. With the passage of time, some ease has been given by the government to these lock downs. Recently, the government of Saudi Arabia announced that the offices will be opened again. To know more, read the article below.

Opening of the Offices

The Saudi government has announced the return of offices with proper measures. The Ministry of Health has outlined office security protocols in Saudi Arabia after a long period of office closures due to the corona virus.

Issuing of the Precautionary Measures

According to local newspaper, the Saudi Ministry of Health has issued precautionary measures against the Coronavirus so that the workers can return to their offices gradually after the end of the lock down across the country. The Ministry of Health has shared instructions to ensure health measures while working in offices.

What are those Precautionary Guidelines?

The precautionary guidelines for office workers and administrative staff include the requirement that workers who are suffering from this pandemic or have any symptoms. For now, they need to work from home.

What Other Instructions are Given?

Other safety measures require employees to keep entrances and exits separate and to wear masks during office hours. It is important for companies and their employees to pay special attention to the cleanliness of all the equipment they use.

What Kind of Precautions should be Taken for Stationary Items?

They should use separate utensils or cups for tea or other beverages or use disposable cups. Pens, paper and other office stationery or personal items should not be shared.

Attention Toward Keeping the Hands Clean

The first and foremost requirement for all workers is to wash their hands with soap and water for at least 40 seconds or to keep their hands clean with an alcohol-based sneaker for 20 seconds several times during work.

What Kind of Seating Arrangement would be Made?

The Ministry of Health added that the use of partitions should be given priority if possible and adequate and safe spacing of seats between all employees should be ensured.

How will the Meetings be Held in the Offices?

Online methods for meetings in offices should be adopted and if meeting in office is necessary then distance between seats should be maintained from one and half to two meters.

Companies have also been asked to pay special attention to corona virus protection protocols for entrances and other office visitors. We all should take these precautions seriously and should play our part in preventing the spread of this contagious virus. Wash your hands regularly. Maintain proper distance, avoid any contact with our nose and mouth and try to stay indoors. For more information and other news, visit our website. Stay safe. Stay tuned.

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