Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Authority Launches Mobile Application Tawakkalna for Movement Permits During Curfew Hours

Due to the recent outbreak of Coronavirus, complete or partial lock-down has been put into effect in Saudi Arabia and other countries. This has stopped the movement of people and proper precautions are also been taken to stop the spread of this pandemic. Recently, Saudi Arabia has launched an application that can issue movement permits. To know more about this, read the article below.

What is the Application Called?

The application launched by the government is called “Tawakkalna”. This application is made to issue movements permits among the residents during this curfew.

Announcement of its Trial Launch

The Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) has announced the trial launch of the application, which aims to manage the movement permits system  government entities, and private sector enterprises, during the curfew time.

To Whom is this Application Dedicated?

At this stage, the application is just dedicated to a selective group of government and private sector employees (including citizens and Saudi expats) that are exempted from the curfew. It is also for the individuals who have medical appointments and couriers, to enable them to issue e-permits.

Who would it Include in Next Stage?

The next stage of the application will include services to individuals who apply for movement permits.

Where can we Find this Application?

This application is available on Apple iOS and Android Google Play store, it is expected to be highly popular among users as it represents great importance to users during this period.  The application will contribute to the efforts of the Kingdom aimed to reduce the effects of the pandemic.

  1. IOS
  2. Android

Saudi Arabia is trying hard to provide any kind of comfort to people in this time of crisis. This kind of application can be really helpful for the locals. For more information, visit our website. Stay safe. Stay tuned.

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