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Saudi Civil Aviation authority to impose new airport charge for Saudi citizens and Saudi expats

Saudi Arabia is playing widely with its rules and regulations. Whether it be the change of gender segregation law or the allowance of women to drive. Be it the Tourist visas or the joint visa venture. All such major changes are done to promote and implement the Saudi Vision 2030. What new laws have been enacted by the authority is highlighted below.

What is the new law passed by the government?

According to the new law, the domestic travelers (Saudi citizens or Saudi expats) or the passengers utilizing the domestic airports are supposed to pay SR 10/- every time they travel across the kingdom using these airports. Read more: Procedure to transfer of Car ownership through Electronic services on Absher very soon

Why is the new tax implemented?

According to Makkah daily, General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) authorities said,

“The tax is regarded as charges for using the lounges and other utilities. The money thus earned will be used to finance the development of the basic infrastructure of the airports and improve services,”

When will the tax be implemented?

As per GACA orders, the tax will be levied from January 1st, 2020 on all the passengers entering or exiting the domestic airports. Read more: Saudi Arabia May Soon Allow Women to Perform Hajj Without Mahram

What guidelines are given by GACA?

The GACA authorities have made it compulsory on all airlines using local airports to collect the tax from passengers either they are arriving or departing the domestic airport. They are strictly ordered to follow else they will be charged penalty.

How the tax will be collected?

Airport Building Charge (ABC) for the domestic flights will be charged in their ticket. All the airlines will be supposed to collect and deposit the charges as per the invoice issued by the airport periodically. GACA said the tax will be reviewed once every three years according to the inflation rates and will be included in Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP).

Who will be exempted from the ABC charges?

The following people will be exempted from paying these charges. They are

  • Infant passengers.
  • Members of crew on duty onboard such as pilot, air engineer, technician, steward etc.
  • Members of the crew of the aircraft registered in the list of airline pilots and have an identification card such as pilot, airman, engineer etc.
  • Transit passengers staying on board and using airport against their willing.

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Source: Saudi Gazette

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