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Saudi couple remarries after 22 years of separation

A Saudi couple remarries after 22 years. The couple was divorced after 30 years of their marriage. The 80-year-old groom and 66-year-old bride remarry each other after two decades. They think that love never died between and it grew stronger and the distance between them was the strength with pushed them even closer. Their decision increased unity, mutual love, and faith.

The decision healed all the old wounds of the past. They fell even deeper in love and knew that they are made for each other. Both of them knew that it was difficult for them to live without each other. They had mutual love. After being away from each other for over 2 decades, both of them would know the hardships in living without the existence of each other.

Abu harid, the son of the couple

Abu harid lives in the Khyber-Mashisht Commission. In an interview, he said that his family was very joyful. Their house was filled with love but suddenly things changed and it was me very difficult to handle things. The son always wanted his happily family back as it was before.

After the separation

After the separation, the lady’s father made her marry another man. Later, that man died and women had to live with her second son. Both of them still loved each other. They both had affection for each other but the situation resulted this way that they had to give up on each other.

Did the man feel the same as the woman?

The man felt the same as the woman. The man often used to say to his son that he had the same affection and love for his mother, he doesn’t know why he left her. He was very much surprised about his act. He didn’t know how to get his act right. His love and affection grew even stronger with time.

Reunion of the old couple

The love grew stronger and stronger every day. The man had deep feelings for his love. He knew that she is her better half. After a few years, the father calls his son and tells him about his heart. His literal words were: 

I want to marry your mother again.

How did the son feel?

After hearing these words from his father’s mouth, he was so relaxed. His wishes come true. His parents were finally getting back together. Their home was getting completed once again. He didn’t know how he can express his happiness. He left all his work and came back to help his parents unite.

Happily married

The old couple was remarried after 22 years. They learned about sacrifice, love, and faith. Both of them had learned the fact that both of them were each other’s strength. Both had a mutual love for each other. Both of them had respect for each other. Moreover, both knew that it was difficult for them to live without each other.

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