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Saudi Court announces to pay SR.750,000 to a Saudi Resident against Illegal Arrest

The Saudi expats living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and many from the rest of the world have a general view and perception that Saudi laws and regulations are mostly in the favor of Saudi citizens and served to defend them against the other nationalities.

The people are of the view that getting your due right in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia asked a lot. This view is incorrect and illogical as the law authorities working in Saudi Arabia are operating to ensure the rights and privileges of the Saudi citizens and as well as Saudi expats living and working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Read more: A two-year toddler killed her Mother Accidently

Compensation announced of SR.750,000 to Saudi resident

The Criminal Court in Jeddah has ordered compensation worth SR.750,000 to a citizen for his detention in a criminal case in which he was absolved later. The citizen was detained for more than 12 months in connection with a criminal case and was found not guilty later. His innocence prompted him to file a lawsuit for compensation for the damage suffered by the denial of his freedom. Read more: Emirati Woman divorces her husband because he loves her a lot

The court based its judgment on the order of the highest authorities that confirms protection of the rights of individuals and that no action shall be taken to curtail those rights and freedoms except within the limits prescribed by the rules of law.

The Actual Compensation claimed was SR.5 million

The Court of Appeal ruled earlier that the Jeddah Criminal Court, which acquitted the accused, should hear the compensation claim filed by the petitioner. In the lawsuit, the citizen sought compensation of SR.5 million for the psychological and social harm caused to him as well as for curtailing his freedom for more than 12 months. Read more: House maid sentenced to 300 lashes by the court of Saudi Arabia

The citizen was detained in Briman Prison until the court found him innocent of the charges against him, and that verdict was later upheld by the Court of Appeal. Read more: A man fires gun at road saher (camera) in viral video, arrested by Saudi Police

The comments of female lawyer, said anyone proved innocent after serving a prison term has the right to demand financial compensation. Read more: Saudi police arrested a man on charges of sexual harassment

“Every man or woman who is unfairly detained or imprisoned for no valid reason has the right to ask for compensation,” she said.

Azouf Al-Harbe, another female lawyer, said in case of material or moral harm such as unfair imprisonment, loss of property or defamation, the victim has the right to ask for compensation under the law.

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Source: Saudi Gazette

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