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Saudi Driving License to be Issued Under New Conditions & Requirements

Team The Saudi Expat is back with another question-answer session. In this section, we are going to address the queries the people have regarding the conditions to be fulfilled to get a driving license in the kingdom. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is known for its strict laws and regulations. In the past, we have discussed in detail how difficult it is to approve any document and get your work done, especially if you are a Saudi expat.

However, with passing days as the kingdom is moving steadily towards Saudi Vision 2030 implementation things have become quite easy. From shifting every necessary procedure and details on the internet to reducing the need to visit the number of offices, the country is trying its best to change its hardcore. Saudi Arabia has always been top positioned in traffic accidents and road violations to cater to this. New conditions are improvised to allow driving license for the drivers. What are they? Read about them in detail, given below.

When can you not get a Saudi Driving License for a Private Car?

A local citizen messaged us, asking about what is the essential requirement to get a driving license for a private car. In light of the Saudi Traffic Police department, one can have a private car driving license if you are free of physical impairments and diseases. If you are a victim of mental retardation or any illness that impedes your driving, then you won’t be given a driving license. Read more: How to issue a Saudi Driving License in Saudi Arabia

What are the Basic Requirements to Get a Saudi Driving License in the Kingdom?

Abu suleman asked us that,

I have violation charges against driving. Can I apply for my driving license? Or I have to pay before applying for a Saudi driving license?

According to the conditions prescribed by the Saudi Traffic Police Department, you have to fulfill the following guidelines to apply for a new driving license. They are,

  • You must be above 18 years of age.
  • Should not be convicted by a court for the use or indecency or storage of intoxicating substances.
  • Driver must be physically and mentally fit.
  • The driver must clear the driving test.
  • All the violation charges must be paid if any.
  • If the driver is a Saudi expat, he must have a residence permit or Saudi Iqama.

We hope that many of the queries regarding the driving license have been cleared. The detailed procedure of having a driving test or license is explained in our previous articles (The New Procedure to Renew Driving License of Private Driver in Saudi Arabia). Feel free to message us at any time to ask any questions. We will be obliged to answer you. Kindly subscribe to daily updates.

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