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Saudi Expat can Change their Sponsorship Under 3 Conditions Without NOC from Existing Sponsor

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Living in Saudi Arabia requires strict rules and regulations to be followed. However, the country is under the implementation of Saudi Vision 2030, where the rules are made flexible, yet the country has a strong emphasis on a code of conduct in everyday life. Everything is under hierarchical management, and everything needs to go according to the prescribed steps to do something.

From issuing licenses to renewing passports, from tourism to enrolling in academics, every step is modulated according to government orders. Even the working conditions in the country are equally severe and regulated. The need for a sponsor and the dependence of employees on the sponsor make things harder.

Recently, a law of mercenary was introduced, which facilitated workers in the kingdom. However, now the authorities have further eased the worker’s life with the conditions where a NOC isn’t required from the sponsor/ Kafeel. Do you know about them? If not, read in the article below.

Saudi expat workers don’t need a NOC under several conditions

According to the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare Population, Saudi expats have the right to change sponsorship without the permission of their sponsor/ kafeel for three (3) reasons. This was informed when a person on Twitter inquired regarding NOC as, According to the Labor Law, Saudi expats working in Saudi Arabia are required to obtain NOC from the existing sponsor for change of sponsorship. Read more: No more Major Professions for Saudi Expats in the Hotel Industry

What is the question that made the authorities state three (3) conditions?

A person asked a question on the Twitter account that,

The company is in the Medium Green category (the middle of the quote) while Saudi Iqama has also been Expired. Can sponsorship be changed without the sponsor’s NOC?

What are the conditions where you don’t need an NOC?

Replying to this question, Ministry of Labor said that,

By law, Saudi expat workers working in the state would not need the existing sponsor/ kafeel NOC to change sponsorship in three (3) cases.

Those conditions are,

  • If the company in which the Saudi expat worker is working is in the second category of the green group, the middle class, and the worker’s class and Saudi Iqama have expired.
  • The Saudi expat worker has not been paid salaries for three (3) consecutive months.
  • If the worker proves to the Labor Investigation Team that he has been misrepresented by the employer, then the Saudi expat worker has the right to do so without the permission of his sponsor/ kafeel.

Is it possible to show proof of payment?

Yes, because according to the law, a company with 100 or more workers have to pay salaries to their workers through banks. Therefore, in case of payment of wages to the bank account, the Saudi expat worker can prove this quickly as the bank record can be presented as clear proof since there is a complete calculation of the payment of salaries. Read more: Saudization in Food delivery Services Through Mobile App in Saudi Arabia

The successful rule of Nitaqat that assist workers in the kingdom

Through Nitaqat or Saudization system, the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare has given various types of privileges to companies and their workers based on the color grading scheme they are added.

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