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Saudi Expat Worker Making History of Helping Beggar in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Expat Cleaner

In Saudi Arabia some Saudi expats used to work as a cleaner of the city on the roads, their job is quite tough as they have to clean the roads and pavements in every weather and timings as KSA is a hot weather country so sometimes they have to work in hot afternoons.

They come from their countries to get some good wages to run their families and responsibilities in their countries back. so they work hard here to fulfill their needs and obligations. Read more: Saudi expat worker lost his life due to fear of monkey

Recent Example of Humanity in Saudi Arabia

Belonging from such a tough condition it was seen that before some days a Saudi expat cleaner donating money to a beggar, and his video went viral on the social media over the weekend, which recognizes the people who are most willing to give to those in need are the ones who don’t have much themselves.

That Saudi expat cleaner doesn’t have enough for himself but he tried to help from his side, his effort is enough for our society to demonstrate the act of kindness and helping people who actually deserve the help. Read more: Saudi teacher in trouble after taking kids to washing of dead body

That’s what Saudis learned after a video of a Saudi expat cleaner donating money to a beggar went viral, In the clip, the Saudi expat is seen approaching a woman sitting on a pavement outside a shop. He counts his money, withdraws an amount, and kindly gives it to the woman.

The man’s act of generosity and kindness had people in tears around the kingdom and set a good example to promote people to help the needy ones. Read more: Video cigarette causes explosion at the wedding party in Saudi Arabia.

Watch the Video

#Saudiexpat worker helps beggar in Saudi Arabia

How People Reacted on Twitter

People were incredibly impressed by the video, by the kindness of the cleaner, some of the tweets were:

Translated: “He helped her because he was in her place one day, he felt what she’s feeling. I can tell you that a bit of humanity remains in people.”

Translated: “Indescribable goosebumps”. Source: Twitter/AscatteredMan 

Translated: “I’m not crying” Source: Twitter/lulll23
Translated: “Poverty is the lack of heart and mercy, not the lack of money”
Source: Twitter/ALooyaRm


Translated: “As if he’s telling us ‘what’s your excuse?'” Source: Twitter/itss_am

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