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Saudi Expat Worker Lost His Life Due to the Fear of Monkey

Saudi Expat

Brief Background of Monkeys

There are 96 species of Old World monkeys. Usually, the Monkeys live in trees, grasslands, mountains, forests, and high plains. A group of monkeys is called a troop. Most primates share six basic features: forward-facing eyes, eye sockets, grasping hands, nails, fingerprints, and large brains.

Some of us like Monkeys, their characteristics, find good to spend some time with them and like to play with them for fun. If we speak to monkeys through our gestures and other related aids, they understand the human language and they react to it. Some Monkeys behave well and some respond quite awfully depending upon their nature and interactions with human beings. Read more: Saudi Teacher in Trouble After Taking Kids to Witness Washing of the Dead body

Death of Saudi Expat Worker – Due to Fear of Monkeys

Recently it is reported in the local media, that one of the Saudi expat identified as a cleaner was found dead. The investigation states that he was quite afraid of Monkeys and he encountered them during his work. The cleaner rushed and tried his best to escape the cave in a hurry after encountering the group of monkeys.

The Teams of Saudi Red Crescent said that the Asian (Bengali-speaking) cleaner succumbed to the serious injuries to his head after he fell from the cave. The incident took place in the Mount Hira which is considered as one of the Holy sites in the Islamic history, the said place is the location where our beloved Prophet (PBUH) received the first Quranic revelation. Read more: Video: Cigarette Causes Explosion at the Wedding Party in Saudi Arabia

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Source: Khaleej Times

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