Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Expats and Citizens will be Fined up to SR.500,000 for Failing to Disclose their Health Issues

Crossing different borders and entering new territories require the right documents for legal stay in the country. From having the permission letter to the access to the mean of transport to travel to the kingdom, a person requires every legal document at his hand. The medical certificate is, however, the least of concern around the globe even though a mandatory requirement.

But with the efflux of corona-virus (Covid-19), the world is facing a significant threat with this life-threatening alarm ringing at every instance. Although the scientists are keen on working to eradicate the virus, yet the cases of incidence are increasing day after another with hundreds and thousands of people dying because of corona-virus. Countries still not affected by corona-virus has banned travelling to and from the corona affected countries to avoid any chance of infection in their countries.

While the countries already affected are restricting the affected cases and the nearby population to combat the disease along with preventing other people from facing this lethal disease. Saudi Arabia who restricted pilgrimage to avoid any gathering and recently put a ban on nine countries affected by corona for travel have taken the medical certificate a mandatory document for other people with a heavy fine. What is fine? Who is responsible for showing a medical certificate? Read about it in the article below. 

Lack of Medical Certificate Leads to SR.500,000 Fine

To emphasize the importance of medical certificate under the current threatening environment of corona-virus, the passenger will be fined SR.500,000 for failing to provide accurate health information at Saudi Arabia’s border posts. This same rule will also apply to companies that provide travel services. Read more: Saudi Arabia Temporarily Bans 14 Countries from Travelling to the Kingdom

Where did the Government Officials Make the Statement?

The Saudi Public Prosecution passed a statement o Twitter stating,

Anyone coming to Saudi Arabia by air, road or maritime, whether Saudi or Expatriate, should provide accurate information regarding their health. Hiding health information from personnel at border posts is a violation of the law, which will result in a fine of SR.500,000.

These hefty fines will allow the passengers and as well as the travel agencies to consider the medical certificate and health information mandatory and correct. These all are few of the steps taken to ensure that corona-virus may not spread in the kingdom in an adverse way as it has been affecting the Middle East, especially Iran. Read more: Saudi Authorities Announces to Limit Friday Prayer at Mosques to 15 Minutes Only

We wish the affected people a speedy recovery and others a healthy, safe life from the corona. For more information, subscribe us and share the article. Read more: Saudi Expats Holding Iqama or New Work Visa Can Enter KSA Under One Condition

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