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Saudi Expats can apply for Saudi Host Visa with 90 days validity soon

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It was a dream for anyone to think and actually do something to visit Saudi Arabia without the Umrah and Hajj Visa. The Umrah and Hajj Visitors normally come to Saudi Arabia once or maximum twice in general and if they like the country and want to come here to experience the beauty and the cultural heritage, it was difficult for them to even think for this previously.

New Saudi Host Visa Soon to be Announced

The Directorate General of Passports (Saudi Jawazat) and the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah are carrying out certain studies and analyses related to the introduction of the “Saudi Host Visa” service through the Ministry of Interior’s portal of Absher.

What is the Saudi Host Visa and Its Validity?

The new Saudi Host visa which is soon to be introduced in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for Saudi citizens and especially for the Saudi expats living and working here will actually allow them to host people under their personal sponsorship for up to 90 days. Read more: Procedure to Apply Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa for 2019-2020

How many Umrah Pilgrims can come on Saudi Host Visa?

Under this newly introduced visa system, the Saudi citizen or Saudi expat can host and call three (3) to five (5) Umrah pilgrims under them. Read more: Nationality Wise Family Visit Visa Fees in Saudi Arabia for 2019-2020

Can Saudi Citizens and Saudi expats bring anyone under this new Saudi Host Visa?

Saudi citizens can host anyone whom he wants to bring inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. However, as far as Saudi expats are concerned, they can only bring close relatives. Read more: Nationals other than from 49 Countries can Apply Saudi Tourist Visa Online

What will be the cost of the Saudi Host Visa?

The Saudi Jawazat and the Ministry will soon come out with a working mechanism for the host visa, which would cost SAR. 500 per person for a year.

How many times the Visa Holder can be called to KSA on Saudi Host Visa?

Under the New Host Visa, the Saudi expats and Saudi citizens can apply for the Host Visa for the same person at least three times in a year after issuance of separate visa for each travel through Absher. Read more: Umrah, Hajj, Transit and Saudi Visit visa Cost Fixed as SR.300 with 1 Year Validity

Can the Guest on Saudi Host Visa stay in the home of Saudi Expat?

The visa allows the hosts to entertain their guests full of freedom for travel and stay either in hotels, furnished apartments or along with them in their residential apartments. Read more: Types & Validity of the Saudi Family Visit Visa

Does the Saudi Host Visa allow the Guest to Travel anywhere in Saudi Arabia?

The visa holders can travel freely throughout the Kingdom and participate in tourist activities. The data of the guests will be recorded in the Civil Status registry of citizens and the Absher portal of expatriates. Read more: Procedure to Apply for Saudi Family Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia

It will be the responsibility of the host citizens and expatriates to take care of their guests and serve them until their departure from the Kingdom.

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Source: Saudi Gazette

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