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Saudi expats will face fine and deportation in case of failure to renew Saudi Iqama

Saudi Iqama Validity

Warning issued by Saudi Jawazat for failure to renew Saudi Iqama

The Directorate General of Passports (Saudi Jawazat) has warned the Saudi expats on Monday dated June 10, 2019 that failure to renew the Saudi Iqama (Muqeem cards) before the expiry will result in the punishments according to the rules and regulations including deportation from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Tweet by Saudi Jawazat

Penalty on the first time failure

The Saudi Jawazat said failure to renew the resident IDs/ Saudi Iqama for the first time will result in a fine of SR.500. Read more: How to Check Saudi Iqama/Muqeem Validity Date Online?

Penalty on the second time failure

According to the prevailing regulations, the above fine on the first time failure can go up to SR.1,000 in case the violation is made second time as well. Read more: How to Check Saudi Iqama/Muqeem Validity Date Through SMS?

Penalty on the third time failure

The third time violation in delaying the Saudi Iqama by the Saudi expats will ultimately lead to the deportation from Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Iqama must be renewed at least 3 days before their expiry

The resident IDs (earlier known as Saudi Iqamas) should be renewed at least three days before their expiry through Absher electronic service of the Interior Ministry or the Muqeem e-gateRead more: Grace Period for Saudi Iqama Renewal

Validity and expiry date of Saudi Iqama/ Muqeem ID

The Jawazat said the validity and expiry date of the Muqeem (resident) ID could be checked through these two electronic services.

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Source: Saudi Gazette

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