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Saudi Expats Holding Iqama or New Work Visa Can Enter KSA Under One Condition

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Corona Virus (Covid-19) is emerging as a threat to life across the globe. Hundreds and thousands of affected people, gradual death scale have terrorized everyone. People are getting conscious and looking forward to every call made by the health authorities for the precaution and prevention of this deadly virus.

From free mask to health camps to detect the cases, from banning free travel to every country to the necessary helpline and free advice, the government is making sure to protect its local citizens & Saudi expats. The biggest news was when Saudi Arabia took a strong take on the corona-virus and restricted travelling to and fro the kingdom.

However, with time the country has shown a little flexibility. What kind of flexibility is given? Read in the article below to understand about it.

The Government Allows Travelling to the Kingdom Under a Condition

The Saudi Interior Ministry has approved travelling to the kingdom but under specific conditions. According to them,

The Saudi Iqama holder or Saudi expats coming on a new visa from Corona suffering countries must submit a medical certificate.

Why is the Medical Certificate Necessary for Travelling to the Kingdom?

According to the Saudi Press Agency, the Saudi Interior Ministry has said that medical certificates prove that incoming Saudi expats are corona-free. The Ministry further said,

This certificate must be presented while traveling to Saudi Arabia by those who have been living in the corona affected countries in the last 14 days.

What Advice Did the Ministry Give to Airlines?

The Ministry advises the airlines that,

The airline has a responsibility to ensure that passengers have the certificate and have been issued within the last 24 hours before boarding the passenger.

Who will Issue the Medical Certificates for Travelling to the Kingdom?

The Ministry of Interior responded to the concern saying, Saudi embassies in the corona-affected countries will appoint reliable and qualified bodies for issuing medical certificates for incoming Saudi expats (Saudi Iqama holders & coming on new visa) to Saudi Arabia. Read more: Saudi Arabia Bans Local Citizens & Saudi Expats to Perform Umrah 


All passengers must fill the Health Declaration Form with the required information and hand over to the immigration officer at the arrival airport. For more information, please visit the Saudi Center for Disease and Control (Weqaya)

Who will be Exempted from this Condition for Travelling to the Kingdom?

The Ministry told the media that, These rules will be exempted, which were based on humanitarian conditions after the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Health will grant, after the review. Read more: Saudi Arabia Launches E-System to Refund Umrah Fees

These conditions allow travelers (Saudi expats) to visit the kingdom at least. It is good to see the kingdom is actively taking part in taking care of their citizens. We wish everyone stays safe from the deadly disease. Please share the article and subscribe for daily updates.

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