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Saudi green card holders can stay in Saudi Arabia for 60 days after PPR cancellation

We all know now that the Premium residency center has started its services for receiving applications for the Premium residency (Special Privilege Iqama, also known as Saudi Green Card).

Since this initiative has been launched, the Saudi authorities are making clear step by step, the rights and privileges under the Saudi Green card system, the documents and other requirements to be fulfilled, how the special privilege Iqama (Saudi Green Card) can be terminated and things related to it.

Recent announcement by Premium Residency Center

Recently, the Premium Residency center (PRC) has made it clear that the holders of the “Permanent Premium Residency (PPR)” cards also called as Saudi Green Cards can stay in the Kingdom for 60 days after the cancellation of the special residence permits.

Do you know the Green card holder stay can be extended even after termination of Saudi green card?

Since the Saudi expats and the people from around the world will start submitting their applications to obtain the Permanent Premium Residency (PPR)/ Saudi Green card.

Therefore, the Premium Residency Center has made it clear that in case of cancellation of Permanent Premium Residency (PPR)/ Saudi Green card stay can be extended by the chief of the Premium Residency Center for a maximum of 180 days from the date of the cancellation of PPR.

The Premium Residency Center stated that the Permanent Premium Residency (PPR) regulations do not mention any taxes or fees on remittances by Permanent Premium Residency (PPR) holders, the center said.

Saudi expat employee applying for Saudi green card must obtain a clearance certificate from the employer

The Premium Residency center further stated that those who are applying for Permanent Premium Residency (PPR)/ Saudi Green Card must submit a clearance certificate from their employers.

If an employee decides to continue his job for which had been hired then he has to rectify his contractual status in terms of his rights and commitments.

No Special privilege for children of Saudi Green Card Holder

The children of PPR holders will not have any special privileges in admission to government schools and universities.

No visa-free entry in GCC countries

Saudi green card holder cannot have visa-free entry into GCC countries, unlike Saudis.

Saudi expat husband of Saudi woman not directly entitled to get Saudi Green Card

An expat married to a Saudi woman is not directly entitled to get PPR, the center clarified. They have to follow all procedures and fulfill all conditions to get a PPR.

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Source: Saudi Gazette

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