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Saudi Jawazat Announces the Procedure to Extend Expired Saudi Family Visit Visa

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How to Extend Expired Saudi Family Visit Visa?

Saudi Expat asked a query regarding the extension of expired Saudi family visa,

Note that I, my wife, entered the Kingdom on February 9th, with a multiple family visit visa, which ended on May 9th. Is it covered by the new royal decisions to extend the residence period of 3 months?

The Passport Department (Saudi Jawazat) answered the all important query saying,

Welcome, the King has issued approval to extend the validity of the visit visa for expatriates who are inside the Kingdom, which ends during the period of suspension of entry and exit from the Kingdom, and the extension will be done automatically in coordination with the National Information Center.

The Announcement by Ministry of Interior

The Saudi government has announced to extend Saudi Iqama for 3 months and exit re-entry for those who are outside and inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  1. Saudi Arabia will extend the expired final exit visa without any fees.
  2. Saudi Iqama will be extended for 3 months who are outside the Kingdom on exit re-entry without any fees.
  3. The Extend of exit re-entry for those who are outside the Kingdom without any fees.
  4. The Extend of exit re-entry for those who inside the Kingdom and didn’t go to home country due to Covid-19.
  5. Saudi Iqama will be extended for next 3 months without paying dependent fees for those who are inside the Kindgom.

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