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Saudi Jawazat Announces to Extend Family Visit Visa Through Absher

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Earlier Announcement by Saudi Jawazat

Earlier we have informed our readers that as per the announcement of the passport department in KSA, Saudi Jawazat, the extension of family visit visa cannot be granted more than 180 days i.e. not more than 6 months.

Recent Announcement by Saudi Jawazat

We are very glad to share this news with the Saudi expats living in Saudi Arabia that, recently, the General Directorate of Passports (Saudi Jawazat) has publicly announced that,


Point to Remember While Applying for Extension of Saudi Visit Visa Online Through Absher

The above introduction of the facility related to the extension of family Saudi visit visa through “Absher online system” will provide relaxation to the applicants saving more time and reducing the need of physical appearance in Saudi Jawazat either in person or through “Company official Mandoob”. Such an official announcement was made by the passport office through the official twitter account of the Jawazat. Read more: Steps Involved to Get Medical Insurance for Saudi Family Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Jawazat along with the above announcement also stated that the individuals requesting for the extension of family visit visa should take care of the following points before applying the required extension request:

    1. The extension shall be applied by the individual seven days prior to the date of expiration of family visit visa or it can be less than 7 days as well (which means before 1 or 2 or 3 days but less than 7 days).
    2. In case, if the family Saudi visit visa has already expired, it should not have expired for more than 3 days.
    3. The period of the Saudi visit visa shall not exceed 180 days from the date of entry into the Kingdom. Read more: Procedure for the Cancellation of Final Exit Visa from Saudi Arabia

It is believed that allowing the electronic facility to the Saudi expats for the extension of the family visit visa will definitely provide them relaxation and save their time required for Saudi Visit visa extension.

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