Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Jawazat Asks Saudi Expats to Cancel Final Exit & Exit Re-Entry to Avoid Penalty

Coronavirus has infected more than 192 countries. With every day the number of affected patients is rising. Where WHO is advising the world about the necessary precautions needed to be taken by the people, the scientists and researchers are busy working to provide effective treatment strategies for the patients suffering from this disease.

Every country is taking their due precautions to restrict the disease from locking down cities to curfew in the country. Saudi Arabia has also taken various necessary steps required to ensure the protection of their citizens. Right from putting a ban on Umrah pilgrimage to banning international flight operation for 2 weeks.  Recently, the country has announced a 21 days curfew from evening 7 pm to morning 6 am daily to avoid the massive spread of disease.

Since the country is a hub of expatriates working in the kingdom, the real issue started when they were abroad and their exit re-entry was about to end. Some had their Saudi Iqama’s about to expire and their final exit due. Under these situations as per the recommendation of the Interior Ministry we have arranged a question answer session to answer the queries of the expatriates. However, the ministry has passed another statement that requires attention of the public. What is the new statement? Read in the article below.

Cancel you Saudi Final Exit and Exit Re-entry Immediately

The Saudi Department of Passport or Saudi Jawazat has passed a statement,

All Saudi expats who were planning to apply or have applied a final exit or exit re-entry to immediately cancel them.

Why the Saudi Jawazat Urged the People?

According to Saudi Press Agency (SPA), passport department said,

Cancellation of departure or expected departure is important because all international flights from Saudi Arabia under the precautionary measures to prevent the new corona virus from have been suspended as per the health authorities instructions.

What will happen if the Exit Re-entry or Final Exit won’t be Cancelled?

As per the instructions of department of Passport if you didn’t cancel your exit re-entry or final exit then,

They will be fined if final exit or exit re-entry will be expired.

What did the Saudi Jawazat instructed Saudi expats?

The Saudi Jawazat asked the Saudi expats to abide by the rules and regulations and don’t do anything that violate the rules. They further told the immigrants that they can check whether there visa is effective or not.

These all instructions are for the safety of the Saudi expats. It is important that everyone take these statements seriously and abide by the rules and regulations of the higher authorities to keep themselves and their families safe and protected from the lethal virus. Wash your hands frequently and stay home and subscribe us for latest happenings around the world. Read more: Saudi Arabia Announces to Waive off Saudi Expat Fees

How many Cases of Coronavirus has been Reported in Saudi Arabia?

As of March 23, 2020 ,Saudi Arabia has reported 562 Covid-19 cases, with 19 recoveries and 218 cases are reported from Riyadh and 162 cases from Makkah.

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