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Saudi Jawazat Clarifies the Condition Based on Which Final Exit Visa Will be Issued

According to the Saudi authorities, the issuance of a final exit visa for an expatriate in Saudi Arabia is linked to the payment of due bills, including that of the mobile phone bills.

The Saudi General Directorate of Passports (Saudi Jawazat) added that “all financial dues of Saudi expats must be fully paid to issue a final exit visa, which also requires that there is no car registered in his/her name.” For how long will the visa be valid? How much will be the fees for the issuance of the final exit? Can a sponsor complain about his employee? To know more, keep reading.

Validity of Saudi Final Exit Visa

The validity of Saudi final exit visa is 60 days from the date of issuance, and during that period, a departure from the kingdom becomes mandatory. However, such a visa cannot be issued for Saudi expats while they are outside the kingdom. The expatriate must not have an unused visa previously. Read more: 13 Key Points for Exit Re-Entry and Final Exit Visa Under New Labor Reforms

Is there any Requirement of Fees for the Issuance of Saudi Final Exit Visa?

Saudi Jawazat also pointed out that no fees are required for issuing the final exit visa. However, this visa can be cancelled via the app “Absher” or “Moqeem” after paying the cancellation fee of SR 100 in case departure does not take place. Read more: Saudi Jawazat issues Clarification on Final Exit Without Renewing Saudi Iqama

Can the Expatriate Return to the Kingdom with the Same Visa After Leaving?

Saudi Jawazat explained that if the expatriate leaves the kingdom based on the final exit visa, he/she will need a new visa return to Saudi Arabia. The expat’s passport must be valid for at least 60 days for the issuance of the final exit visa. Read more: Can Final Exit be applied on Expired Passport?

Can the Sponsor Complain about the Expatriate Employee?

The Sponsor/ Kafeel has no right to complain authorities for accusing the Saudi expat worker/ labor of escape after a final exit visa is issued. The visa needs to be first cancelled before such a complaint is filed. Read more: Saudi Expat Can Make a Final Exit of his Family Without Calling Back to Saudi Arabia

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