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Saudi Jawazat Clarifies the Transfer of Saudi expat Sponsorship on Saudi Wife Kafala

The Saudi Passport Department (Saudi Jawazat) has issued a statement regarding the possibility and conditions of repatriation in the name of the Saudi wife. Several Saudi expats had inquiries regarding this issue. According to the sources, a Saudi expat had inquired from the Saudi Jawazat whether he could transfer the sponsorship to his Saudi wife’s name when his stay had expired. To know the answer, read the article below.

What Conditions are Applied for Transferring the Sponsorship?

In response to the question asked by the Saudi expat, the Passport Department (Saudi Jawazat) said on Twitter that,

It is possible to transfer the sponsorship. The condition is that the employer provides a clearance certificate. The Saudi wife has to go to the ladies’ section of the Saudi Jawazat office for the transfer of sponsorship.

What Treatment will be Provided to the Saudi expat Children of Saudi Women?

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Human Resource & Social Development has said that the Saudi expat children of Saudi women will be treated like Saudis.

Will the Exapt Son of Saudi Women in Private Company Treated like Saudi?

A local citizen had asked the Ministry of Human Resource & Social Development whether the Saudi expat’s son of a Saudi woman in a private company would be treated like a Saudi or the situation would be different.

What Reply was Given by the Ministry?

The Ministry of Human Resource & Social Development responded on Twitter by saying,

Private entities will deal with Saudi expat sons and daughters of Saudi mothers in a Saudi-like manner.

Saudi expat children or sons of Saudi mothers will be counted as one. They will also be allowed to work in occupations that are reserved for Saudis. The ministry tried to clear all misunderstandings regarding these issues via twitter. For more information and inquiry, visit our website. Stay safe. Stay tuned.

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