Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Jawazat Introduces New Procedure to Include New Born Baby into Absher During Covid-19

The Saudi Passport Department (Saudi Jawazat) made some significant changes in their systems over the years. They made the complete process of renewing your Saudi visa, applying for new one or even paying your dues completely online. This facilitated many people as they now don’t have to wait in queues for their number to come for the process to be done. And with the help of this now the record is simpler to maintain.

A New Convenience for Citizens and Saudi Expats

The Saudi Passport Department (Saudi Jawazat) has facilitated the registration of newborns on the Abshar account for the convenience of citizens and Saudi expats during lock-down and curfews due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19).

Many Other Facilities are also Provided

According to the Saudi Jawazat,

The Abshar account has already been provided with various facilities on the option of ‘Message and Demand’ which are benefiting both citizens and Saudi expatriates.

People are Really Impressed by the New Method

The local newspaper said about the new facility provided by the Saudi Jawazat that the online facility for registering children born in the country in the licensing system has been added in the option of magazines and students.

There Must be Some Issue for the People While Learning the New Update

Explaining the guidelines issued by the Saudi Jawazat for availing the online services, it has been stated that they will face difficulties in residing in the option of magazines (renewal, etc.), visa issues, difficulties in entry of new passports. Information). Professional accuracy and copyright issues, licensing services can be obtained online regarding the cancellation of domestic employees.

Abshar’s Login is Necessary

Saudi Jawazat says that in order to avail online services, it is necessary for the person concerned to log in to their Abshar account and click on the ‘Services’ option, followed by ‘Al-Rasa’il wa Talabat’. Go to the Directorate General Licensing block where you can click on the required services mentioned above and explain your case in it. Will be ‘sent’ after entering the description of the desired work in short words.

Don’t pile up the Applications

The licenses further state that a single application for the same service should be made and the same application should not be sent more than once so that the matter can be resolved amicably.

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