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Saudi Jawazat issues Clarification on Final Exit Without Renewing Saudi Iqama

Conditions are gradually returning to normal in Saudi Arabia after the end of the lockdown imposed to curb the spread of the Coronavirus, but no official announcement has yet been made regarding the resumption of international flights. Aviation sources said that as soon as the orders are issued by the authorities, they will be informed. Readers have sent more questions regarding their problems and issues.

Question asked by Suhail Ahsan,

  • My stay has been extended for 3 months, but the exit re-entry has not been extended. The Saudi Jawazat say the extension has been done, if not, will I be able to come to Saudi Arabia?

Answer: Those Saudi expats who are stayed outside Saudi Arabia due to the suspension of international flights, there Saudi Iqama and exit re-entry have been extended by 3 months. When your Saudi Iqama is extended, the exit re-entry will be automatically extended. Ask your sponsor to check on the Abshar or Muqim account and let you know.

If the system has not been extended, the sponsor can report your case to Saudi Jawazat through the Abshar account. This can be done by going to the special facility ‘Messages and Request’ on the Abshar system and applying for a free extension using the option of extending your departure there.

Remember this Extension which has been done for 3 months

This is calculated from March 15, 2020, when international flights were banned. As far as returning to the country is concerned, remember that it is too early to say anything until international flights are resumed because not only you but also many expatriates from different countries have gone on leave. The government periodically announces a concession after reviewing the situation.

Question: Hussain Alsayed asked that,

  • I have been in Saudi Arabia for five years now I am working legally on Kafeel’s establishment but Kafeel has not been renewing his residence for 2 years. Find out if I can re-enter without renewing my residence?

Answer: According to the law of residence and labour in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is the responsibility of the sponsor or company to provide timely accommodation, and medical facilities to Saudi expat workers. You say you work legally for a sponsoring organization. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the sponsor to renew your stay on time. Delay in the renewal of residency will result in payment of a fine of 500 riyals, after which the residency will be renewed.

As far as your question is concerned about getting exit re-entry without renewing your residence, according to the Passport Department (Saudi Jawazat) , you cannot go on exit re-entry until your residence is renewed. An exit re-entry must be in place for a valid stay. Only then will it be possible to make an exit re-entry in the system.

Question asked by Saeed Bassrih,

  • My family stayed in Saudi Arabia for 180 days while the visa is for 2 years. Is it possible to renew the visa without going abroad?

Answer: International travel is banned due to the current Coronavirus. No orders have been issued so far, especially regarding the arrival of passengers from abroad. In this regard, the government recently issued a special concession for those coming on visit visas and their stay was automatically extended for 3 months.

As far as your problem is concerned, you also fall into the same category of extension because if you go out of the country due to travel ban, it will not be possible to come again until the flights are restored.

Under normal circumstances, those coming on multiple visit visas had to leave the country after the stipulated period of 180 days and then be given another entry, but in the present circumstances, this is not possible.

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