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Saudi man attends the Marriage Ceremony of the Indonesian’s Maid Daughter

Marriages are the most important and auspicious festive a man ever experience in his entire life. Attending the marriage of someone adds the felicity to his joys. Here we are going to share with you the same story of an attending of a marriage of an Indonesians maid’s daughter which is attended by a Saudi Man.

It is better to attend someone’s happiness and felicities and go on those occasions rather than to be in your house being bored. Saudi Man tries to share the happiness of the housemaid when he escorts the wedding solemnity. The Saudi man tries to give a brief report to the famous newspaper and elaborate on his opinions about her housemaid.

Saudi Man views about her housemaid

He generally describes that her maid usually tries to accomplish all the household tasks and these kinds of things and cooks food for him. The Saudi man also said that he had visited this gorgeous country of Indonesia many times. Read more: Emirati Woman divorces her husband because he loves her a lot

The nature of this housemaid is very kind and pleasant and she always has a very great approach over all the work she does. This Saudi family has very unique and amazing bond with her maid and has visited his country for almost 12 times.

Saudi Acceptance of the Invitations

The Saudi said that her housemaid invited him to her daughter’s marriage in Indonesia and he at the very instant accepted his invitation and go to this beautiful country for the 12th time. Then he describes all the beautiful aspects of this country. Read more: Saudi woman gifts a mobile phone to her housemaid after her phone was stolen

Indonesian Wedding Ceremony

According to the Saudi Gazette, report the Saudi man tries to demonstrate the style of Indonesian Wedding addressed by her housemaid. Their wedding parties usually happens during the daytime and morning time to be precise. In these weddings, no one can invite more than 50 guests at their weddings. It is a very simple and formal way of wedding and all the relative congratulate to the bride and groom. Read more: A World Record – The oldest mother gives birth to twins

Critics implemented on Saudi Al Ghamdi

After the happening of the incident, many of the influencers and Saudi individuals criticize and scold him for appearing in the video in which he was distributing alms among the children. But after some time Al Ghamdi tries to assuage this video is recorded by our driver. He also reported that his intention was to only make smiles on the faces of all the housemaid who has invited him to the wedding and who are attending the wedding. Read more: Saudi Man Hires the Entire Shopping Mall and Takes His Car Inside for Shopping

Final remarks of Al-Ghamdi

After concluding all these aspects and beautiful events he summoned up this issue by declaring that it is a very pleasant experience for him as he enjoyed much in this wedding and ad the joys and happiness to her housemaid’s daughter wedding. He tries to add felicity by the distribution of money among the sweet and innocent children. He wants to attend this ceremony not only because her housemaid invited but also to enchant and amplify the happiness in joys of other people as well.

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Source: Saudi Gazette

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