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Saudi Man became a Hero Unintentionally

Sometimes you serve your best, put in all your efforts to be the hero of the state. And sometimes it is your intuition that makes you a sudden hero. Similar happened to Shahrani when he rescued a girl from being kidnapped.

Who is Shahrani?

Talal Saad-Al Shahrani is the Saudi national young man living in Abha. He was once roaming around the public library near the school in the province of Aseer, Abha where this young girl who waiting for her parents met this unknown man.

Who is the Unknown man?

The unknown man was driving a black Camry when stopped by this student and convinced her to get in his car. Shahrani who was looking at all the scene found it suspicious and started following the car. Read more: Father Arrested by Saudi Police for beating his 3-year-old Daughter

When things Created real tension?

Everything was under control as the Camry was taking the ring road in Abha but when the man turned his car onto  Aqbet Del al-Rabetta, an unusual route between Abha and Jazan, that is when Shahrani got it confirmed something is wrong and started making a video. Read more: Woman sits on Mating Snakes, gets Bitten and Dies

What was in the Video?

The video made by Shahrani while following the car had his voices overheard “I swear he will not escape, for I am Bou Saad.” He saw the student calling for help from the back window when Shahrani informed the police officers about the kidnapper. Read more: Saudi youths rescue panicking kids stuck in house fire

Did the Kidnapper run away?

When the security patrols were informed and the roads got suspicious for the kidnapper he started to drive off to Abha but fortunately the police officers along with Shahrani caught this young man and rescued the student. Read more: Imam Masjid in UAE sentenced to prison after raping a boy 9 times

Honor for the service

Since Bou Saad was able to stop a kidnapping of a young student and got the young man arrest, Major General Saleh Al-Qarzaei recognized his heroic efforts in saving someone’s life and Abha’s head of police honored him.

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Source: Al-Arabiya

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