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Saudi Man Hires the Entire Shopping Mall and Takes His Car Inside for Shopping

A Saudi citizen visit to the mall has gone viral on social media – after he actually drove his car on to one of the floors of the mall.

In the clip, the man can be seen driving his car inside Riyadh’s Al-Qasr Mall.

A security guard at the shopping center reportedly recorded the incident of the man as he drives his car inside the mall and parks it outside a store – before he goes shopping. Read more: Two Saudi men arrested for dancing while waiting at a red traffic light

In the video, the security guard can be heard saying that the man had allegedly rented out the entire place to cruise inside the mall.

The exact date and time of the incident cannot be verified at the moment. Read more: Saudi man finds 27000 in a parking lot of Makkah and returns the money

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Source: MSN / Khaleej Times

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