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Saudi Man on Trial after Throwing Metal Hammer at his Wife

Crime is an act that a person does against the law of a country or region. There are many types of crimes, but the most horrible crime is to kill someone mentally. In Saudi Arabia, a Saudi man nearly killed his wife by throwing a metal hammer. A crime can be extremely stressful as a criminal.

What is the reason behind this act?

According to the report his wife waited for the family driver outside their house. Suddenly her husband came and hit her with a huge hammer, which is made of metal.

The wife survived the attacked and later she complained about this act. The husband has given the maximum penalty because of the man previously involved in domestic crime.

Who captured this crime?

The man was arrested because the crime captured by CCTV camera and the public performance is approved a maximum sentence particularly because the illegal crimes have been involved in several domestic crime incidents but the legal action did not discourage him from attacking his wife again.

What is assault according to law?

An assault is the act of physical harm, there can be no assault if the act does not produce a true concern of harm in the victim. There must be reasonable fear or injury, in criminal law, the small crimes are the type of assault that requires a specific aim to commit head crimes.

What do you know about domestic assault?

Domestic violence is a behavior used by one person in a relationship to control the other partner, married or un-married it is causing physical or mental harm to a family. Domestic violence may start when one partner feels the need and dominate the other.

What is the main reason for domestic violence?

The main reason for domestic violence against women by men is caused by the misuse of power and control within a context of male advantage.

There are lots of myths about domestic abuse and its causes. Victim blaming is common and women are frequently discouraged from coming forward for fear of being blamed for the abuse.

What Saudi Arabia is doing to end violence against women?

35 percent of women experienced domestic violence in Saudi Arabia every year. In 2013, Saudi Arabia adopted a law criminalizing domestic violence which usually targets women and children, violators face penalties of up to one year in prison and fines of up to SR.50,000.

In 2018, Saudi Arabia adopted an anti-harassment law, under which violators will face penalties of up to five years in prison and a maximum penalty of SR.300,000.

What does Saudi Arabia’s deputy minister say?

In June, Saudi Arabia deputy minister of labor and social development Dr. Tamader Al-Ramah was elected to the UN Committee on the elimination of discrimination against women, a 23 member body that monitors implementation of the convention on the act of all forum of discrimination against women.

In 2014 Saudi Arabia expanded its protection against abuse laws to make sure they covered anyone who is not given their basic legal rights at home including the rights to get identification papers, education and health care.

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Source: Gulf News

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