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Saudi man throws shoe at woman for showing her face

Under the Saudi Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia is emphasizing greatly on shifting its economy from oil to tourism. But in an ultra-conservative society, things get tough, when new modernization rules and regulations are implemented to facilitate tourism and provide a friendly atmosphere for tourist from around the globe, not necessarily Muslims.

Where stringent thoughts on such new laws and orders are passed by people a weird incident happened when a Saudi woman tried to enjoy freedom by the new laws. What is the actual news? What happened to the woman? Know all about it in the article below.

Is it Adultery or an act of conservatism?

Recently, a video went viral on the internet in which a Saudi man who was having a long beard was seen calling a woman without their face covered as an adulteress. During such slogans, he got hyper and removed his shoe and threw it on a woman.

Who was the lady who was attacked?

The lady was an unknown pedestrian roaming outside a shopping centre in Yanbu when the Saudi man lobbed her. The woman ran away immediately in shock after such an attack.

The police action against the Saudi man

The police quickly found the suspect and arrested him. According to Saudi news portal Ajel, the police have forwarded the man’s case to prosecution.

The modernization affecting the kingdom’s conservative mindset

Due to the modernization of Saudi Arabia, things have gone out of control. Where females got an opportunity to drive wheels, travel alone and many other things, the Saudi men still are under the conservative umbrella.

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Source: Gulf News

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