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Saudi police arrested a man on charges of sexual harassment

Saudi Arabia has already introduced tough and stringent regulations related to the harassment of women inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The law is in favor of the Saudi citizens and the Saudi expats and provides the safeguard of the women independence and their due rights.

We all know that women living in Saudi Arabia feel quite secure and safe while performing their day to day routine activities outside their home and move freely whether it’s because they are doing a job, visiting a shopping mall or out for any sort of entertainment.

Saudi Anti-harassment law

As we mentioned above, that the Saudi Anti-Harassment law is quite tough and penalizes the guilty heavily just to ensure the safety and security of the women living inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Related: Saudi Woman’s Car Set on Fire in Makkah By Young Men Who Harassed Her

According to the Saudi criminal law, harassment of women is punishable with imprisonment for two years and a fine of SR.100, 000. In case of second-time offense, anyone caught committing the said crime will be held responsible and will get imprisonment for five years and fined SR.300, 000.

Recent Harassment of woman incident in Dammam

In Dammam, a woman was sexually assaulted and harassed, the said incident was captured through CCTV cameras installed in the shopping mall which shows that the man was touching the woman intentionally as she left the place following her shopping. Read more: Saudi Man Hires the Entire Shopping Mall and Takes His Car Inside for Shopping


The harassed woman’s husband was admitted in the hospital

The authorities reported that the said incident took place between 10 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday. 

The woman came alone to shop because her husband was admitted to a private hospital in Dammam. She visited her husband in the hospital and then went for shopping at the nearby mall. Read more: Saudi Man Finds $27,000 in a Parking Lot of Makkah and Returns the Money

The husband of the woman was admitted in the hospital, however, from his hospital bed, he registered a formal complaint with the Eastern Province police through Twitter, asking the arrest of the man who harassed his wife at the shopping mall. He also requested the residents of the city to take up the

The authorities were ordered to arrest the man immediately

Saudi Arabia’s Attorney General ordered immediately soon after the incident took place for the arrest of the man after the incident was brought to his attention. The Police spokesman did not identify the man but said he was a Saudi in his 30s.

The second incident of harassment took place against woman driver

The second incident took place on Wednesday night in Al Khobar, where a woman was sexually and verbally harassed while she was driving her car. 


The woman recorded the incident and posted on Social media

The woman driver against whom the harassment incident took place captured the incident as the man threatened to open the car door if she did not get out.

The man said “I want you, get out,” he said as he made various unethical gestures. 

The woman posted the video on social media but has not officially filed a report. She reportedly wanted the video to go viral to push for the man’s arrest.

The authorities were ordered to take the notice immediately

“The government didn’t disappoint,” she said, as the public prosecutor issued an order to arrest the man.

People reaction on Social media after the incident

After the incident, the people responded on Twitter and other social media to register their feedback as follows.

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Source: Khaleej Times / Saudi Gazette

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