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Saudi Policemen Organizes a Wedding of a Saudi Expat Worker and Arranges a House for the Couple

Marriage is an essential ritual in everyone’s life. It completes the two persons. It opens up a new experience for the couple to look forward to their lives till death. Not only this, but marriages is a Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم). Marriage completes half of your faith as per the teaching of Islam. Everyone looks forward to their big day. From finding your soul mate to having a destination marriage, these days, marriage is a whole set of responsibilities.

An ordinary man cannot think of fulfilling all his wishes with a lavish wedding. But if someone sponsors your marriage, then what else a mediocre man can think more of? Yes, a Bangladeshi man got his marriage sponsored by Saudi policemen. Not only this but were a wholesome part of their marriage as well. Read more about the wedding in detail in the article below.

Bangladeshi Worker got his Marriage Sponsored

The recent news of a Bangladeshi worker got hype when the policemen sponsored the complete marriage of the Bangladeshi worker, along with arranging a house for them to live. A large scale wedding of a different stature took place in Al-Assir, Saudi Arabia.

Who was this Bangladeshi Couple Whose Marriage got Sponsored?

According to local newspaper, the Bangladeshi worker named Mohammad Yasin was working in a General Hospital, Essar, for a long time. Her wife was also working in the same hospital. Yasin asked out to the lady who agreed to marry her. When the couple decided to marry, Mohammad Yasin discussed his marriage with at the police desk in the hospital who, after a meeting, chose to sponsor them. Read more: Saudi Authorities Organizes a Wedding for a Prisoner in Saudi Jail

How did the Policemen Celebrate the Marriage of Bangladeshi Couple?

According to the newspaper reports, the Saudi policemen in the Al-Assir region celebrated the marriage of the Bangladeshi couple in full swing. All the police personnel of the district attended their wedding with full participation. The Saudi policemen performed a traditional dance according to the traditions of the southern province of Saudi Arabia. Read more: Honest cops return bag full of money to Hajj pilgrims in Makkah

How did the Groom Dressed in his Marriage?

The groom was a Bangladeshi yet dressed up in traditional Arabic dress, Thoob, Ghatra, Mashhal, which is essential for the groom to wear on his marriage.

A House Arranged by the Policemen for the Couple

The policemen of the Al-Assir region not only arranged their marriage but also arranged a house with necessary items for them to live their life happily after.

What did the Policemen Remark about Mohammad Yasin?

Police officers gave positive remarks regarding Mohammad Yasin. One policeman said,

He is a sincere and friendly man.

Another official said,

Yasir’s wedding ceremony was a memorable event. We are happy that we could help a couple build home.

It is indeed a beautiful gesture by the Saudi policemen. We should also help others in making this ritual easier than exaggerating with unnecessary things that could only make it tough for ordinary people promoting Zina. May Allah help us all. Please share the article and let us know in the comment section what you think about it?

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