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Saudi Traffic Department Issued Clarification on Installment of Penalty Amounts

Violation of traffic rules is a crime. It causes several traffic disturbances and accidents that result in the death of many. However, regarding the payment of fines for traffic violations in Saudi Arabia, the traffic police (Moroor) clarifies regarding to pay the penalty in installments. To know more, read the article below.

Inquiry by the Citizens on Payment of Traffic Penalty

A local citizen asked the traffic police (Moroor) on Twitter where he mentioned that I have accumulated 20,000 riyals for traffic violations. Is it possible that I have collected the fine amount in installments?

What answer was given by the traffic police?

Answering the question, the traffic police said,

Lump sum payment of fines will be acceptable. In the case of multiple fines, the payment of each will have to be made separately, without which it will not be possible to carry out government affairs through the Abshar system.

How much Penalty is issued for the breaking of the signal?

A fine of 3,000 riyals is issued for breaking a traffic signal. It should be noted that most of the fines issued on traffic laws in Saudi Arabia are done automatically. Read more: Traffic Violations will now be Detected Through Newly Automated System

Which Fine is Introduced due to the Digital System?

Previously, there was no fine for turning right when the traffic signal was off, but since the registration of violations has been started digitally, the vehicle must be stopped completely for 10 seconds before turning right.

The Right to Appeal Against Penalty

A fine is automatically recorded for not stopping the vehicle for a specified period or taking a quick turn, which is 3,000 riyals. The Moroor has the right to appeal against fines issued for traffic violations. In this regard, this facility is available on the Abshar system.

How will the Fine be canceled?

After filing an objection to the fine, the system automatically notifies the appellant by setting the day and time. Subsequently, after reviewing all the evidence of the relevant committee penalty including the location and photographs of the violation, the evidence is provided to the objector. If the violation is not valid, the fine is canceled.

The traffic rules should be followed as any carelessness results in the death of people. The Saudi government announced the traffic rules and that their violation will result in the payment of fines. However, if any penalty is fined without proper evidence then it can be canceled by following proper procedure. For more information and inquiry, visit our website. Stay safe. Stay tuned.

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