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Saudi visit visa holder can now enjoy driving in the kingdom

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Saudi Arabia is implementing its Saudi Vision 2030 to diversify its economy. Under the diversification, came the more significant impact of tourism. To ensure effect tourism, the kingdom opened Saudi tourist visas. Not only this, but they provided a safe, favorable environment for the tourist to enjoy their stay in the country.

The headlines in 2019 were all focused on the new laws passed by Saudi authorities and the flexibility in the different Saudi laws already existing. Of the more significant interest was the temporary blocking of Saudi Iqama fee for the expatriates while allowing driving to women for the first time in the kingdom was for the female community.

Different festive announcements made every citizen and Saudi expat equally delighted and entertained. Now the country aims to further facilitate the stay of their guests in the kingdom by allowing them to drive at any corner of Saudi Arabia. How are they allowing this? What is the leading think tank behind this? To know all about this read the article below.

No need to have a separate driving license for Saudi visit visa holder in the kingdom

Earlier, the Saudi expats were required to pass the driving test and issue a driving license of the country to drive officially. However, now the authorities have announced that there is no need to get another driving license to drive or to restrict you from driving. If you have an international driving license, you can quickly move on roads and enjoy your stay in the kingdom. Read more: List of Traffic Violations in Saudi Arabia for 2020

Why is driving access given to visitors?

Visitors come to Saudi Arabia through various means like air, road and water. Holding any Saudi visit visa, these Saudi visit visa holders are dependent on anyone else to drive them to different corners of the country. To avoid dependence and facilitate visitors, the kingdom announced this new rule. Read more: Recruitment of foreign women car driver in Saudi Arabia in 2019

Will the country traffic rules apply to Saudi visit visa holders?

Yes, the country traffic rules will apply to visitors. The authorities have made it clear that either they are a local citizen or a Saudi expat on a Saudi visit visa, if they don’t follow the traffic rules and regulations and violate them, they will be equally charged. They have to face the same charges and pay the fines before leaving the country. Making a statement on Twitter, the authorities said,

Traffic violations in Saudi Arabia are being registered under the automated system. If someone commits a traffic violation, the visitor on the Saudi visit visa will have to pay fines before leaving Saudi Arabia.

What did the government advise?

The government advised everyone to follow the rules and regulations of the country to maintain dignity and discipline. If anyone doesn’t take this seriously, it will result in fines and imprisonment. Read more: Traffic Violations will now be Detected through new system known as CATSO

So what are you waiting for? Get your Saudi visit visa and enjoy a full visit to the country known for its rapid development and attraction under the Saudi Vision 2030. Share the news with your fellows so they can drive and enjoy the kingdom in full swing. Read more: Tinting car windows can be a violation under certain conditions

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