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Saudi woman dressed up as a bride to celebrate her divorce

Relationships are the core of human beings. They are known as social animals because they have interaction and dependence on one another. However, in the new era where technology has taken over everything, we have forgotten the core values of these relationships. We don’t effort in building these bonds with one another. We have become an introvert while being self-occupied with stuff.

It is the right reason why the rate of divorces has increased drastically over a while. People don’t invest in relationships; they don’t try to listen, understand and give space to their partners, instead, they prefer leaving one another. We have recently discussed in our previous article about the various baseless arguments which lead to divorces in Saudi Arabia.

The recent article is similar in the context, but this time the lady took an extra step and motivated other divorcees that it is okay to be divorced. Your life won’t end here. How did she motivate others? Was she divorced? Read all about it in the article below.

A divorced woman made to headlines with her bridal dress

According to Al-Marsad, a hashtag was trending on Twitter titled “#Hafl_Ameera-Al-Naseer”. The hashtag was started after a Saudi woman, Amira al-Nasser, who was celebrating her divorce by wearing a wedding dress, shared her video on social media, which later went viral while watching. Read more: A Saudi man divorced his wife because she bought Albaik on his Birthday

What were the remarks of people on this video?

While people were watching her video, a mix reaction was obtained where some supported others bashed her. The users said,

Amira’s face looks like a divorce, but what to do with pride?

Amira is deeply hurt by the divorce. It seems that the divorcing husband was very dear to her. Amira’s eyes are more than tears.

Amira is a brave woman. She used individual freedom with courage and started a fight with a rigorous society.

Before you say anything, people should understand what Amira’s husband was doing to her. It is not a good thing to criticize someone unjustly.

How did Amira Al-Naseer cope with criticism?

Amir al-Nasser was severely criticized for celebrating divorce by wearing a wedding dress. Remarking on her act, Amira said,

I have deliberately arranged a wedding dress after divorce so that I can tell the whole world that I am happy with separation. The main purpose is also to convey a message to Saudi girls. That is, life is not limited to a single human being. No matter how important and diamond a person is, life is not all about it.

Why did Amira compare divorce with death?

While supporting women who were divorced, Amira commented,

This is an important phase of life. It will pass soon and then I will take a walk on the city streets in my car. So, think of the divorcee as dead, do not grieve her.

Whatever the reason be, Amira took courage and become a face and mouth for the women who were punished and poorly treated for being divorced. Indeed, it is not a likeable thing, but it happened, must be respected and give allowance to women to live as freely as men in society. Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Read more: Emirati Woman divorces her husband because he loves her a lot

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