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Saudi Women Drivers to Start Driving Family Taxis

Saudi women drivers for family taxis

Initiatives Taken to Support Saudi Vision 2030

The recent changes in the kingdom keeping in view the Saudi Vision 2030, the Saudi women have been offered quite a relaxation when it comes to driving and preference in allocating jobs in certain professions. These steps have contributed to empowering those women who possess required qualification plus those who want to support their families financially. The initiative of allowing Saudi women drivers will also ensure the decline in the poverty level along with the increase in the job opportunities ultimately leading towards the betterment of the economy in the kingdom.

Recent Announcement by Saudi Public Transport Authority

The Public Transport Authority (PTA) in its recent announcement has shared this breaking news that the Saudi women drivers are now allowed to drive the family taxis subject to the rules related to its operation.

Conditions to Drive a Family Taxis by Saudi Women Drivers

The Saudi Public Transport Authority has granted the right for the Saudi Females to drive the family taxis but subject to the below-mentioned conditions:

1. The Public Transport Authority (PTA) regulations state that the licenses issued for the family taxis are in the name of the registered companies instead of individuals. It means no individual will have the taxi driving license in her name, it will be in the name of the registered companies.

2. The grant of such job opportunity is restricted to the Saudi women only. It means Saudi expat women cannot avail this opportunity.

3. As per the PTA rules and related guidelines, the Saudi women drivers cannot carry passengers unless the adult Saudi woman is accompanied by the passengers.

4. The men or young male children will not be allowed to occupy the front seats of the taxi.

5. The PTA has stated that the licensed transport companies must have an electronic payment system and GPS navigation facility as well.

6. The said rules don’t prevent or restrict any Saudi women from working in any other road transport activities if the required conditions are met.

7. The establishments or companies involved in the family transport activity should have a fleet of at least 10 vehicles.

8. The car should have a screen displaying all the required data such the driver’s name, the name of the registered establishment or the company along with all its contact numbers and the plate number.


It is really anticipated that the aforementioned steps will positively motivate the Saudi women and empower their role in building the nation and its economy in a really efficient way. The job opportunities expected to generate through this initiative will strengthen the Saudi Vision 2030 and provide the fruitful results in the upcoming future ahead.

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Source: Saudi Gazette

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