Saudization in Food delivery Services Through Mobile App in Saudi Arabia

Digital media has taken the world in its trap. No one can keep himself away from the addictive trap of digital media. Now every other medium has taken their business to digital media as the next generation is intended towards it. People find it tough to invest their time on roads, come out of their comfort zone and visit the shops for their needs. The internet has provided people with the maximum facility by allowing online shopping, grocery and investment.

From online retailers to online brands for bags, clothes and accessories, from food to cars, everything is on the digital market. It isn’t brilliant of people who are not bringing their business to digital medium as the world of traditional, conventional business is now over. To earn a profit, have a competitive advantage, you need to focus on your digital advertisement, marketing, and working.

Saudi Arabia was quite behind in modernization by digital implementation and stayed in the conventional office working. However, with Saudi Vision 2030 in mind, the country is shifting its services and working to the online websites and applications to facilitate the working and come at par with the developed countries. What recent survey has made Saudi Arabia think about saudiization of food delivery? Read about it in the article below.

The Survey on food and delivery shocked the statistics

According to the local newspaper, the Saudi Institute for Administrative and Financial Consulting has prepared the latest review on home delivery and made striking results. According to which the Saudi market of GCC is the largest in terms of home delivery of Food, compared to other countries. The home delivery has earned roughly 4.5 billion riyals or $ 1.2 billion. Read more: No more Major Professions for Saudi Expats in the Hotel Industry

What did the survey suggest based on the current stats?

According to the survey,

Home delivery application volume is up 39%, while direct food orders for consumers from restaurants have increased by 61%.

In 2018, the number of users in Saudi Arabia seeking food applications rose to 6 million, which is expected to grow by 26% in 2020. According to survey extrapolation for 2023,

Home delivery demand for Food will reach $ 1.9 billion by 2023 in Saudi Arabia. The annual growth rate will be 13%.

Why is the decision made to Saudization of this app?

Seeing the earning of the home delivery, the Saudi Transport Authority has prepared for Saudization of native food delivery app from restaurants. To approve this idea, legislation is being made to pass a bill and implement it. Read more: No Saudi expat to be hired for Tourism & Hospitality sector

Let’s see how the law will move into the constitution. It will be interesting to witness the reaction of the home delivery app owner’s and the general public on it. Stay tuned with us for further updates. Share this with your friends and comment below what you feel on it?


  • The Saudization program aims to lower the current employment rate of 12% to 7%. it merely makes the economy more vibrant and stabilizes the government by transferring income from expatriates to Saudis.

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