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Saudi’s Private Sector to Get 4 Days Holiday for Eid-ul-Fitr

Holiday for Eid

Saudi Vision 2030

In pursuance of Saudi Vision 2030, it is quite appreciable and worth noting that the Ministry of Labor has been very concerned and proactive in ensuring the compliance with the Saudi labor laws by the individual employers, firms and the companies operating in Saudi Arabia.

This is beneficial for both the employers and the Saudi expat and Saudi citizen employees as any violations by either party can be taken care of promptly upon non-compliance.

The Saudi Labor Laws and the related regulations allow the Saudi expat and Saudi citizen employees to feel secure and provides the ultimate guidelines to the employer to implement the same in the Company. Holiday for Eid

Recent Awareness Campaign by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development

Recently, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development has shown more concern by writing on its Twitter account on the employees, working and serving in the private sector with respect to the official holidays and personal holidays during the year.

We have mentioned below the different holidays and leaves which employees including Saudi citizens and Saudi expats working in the private sector companies are entitled to avail during the year. Recommended: Employees Entitled for Leaves as per Saudi Labor Law

The Beginning of Eid-Al-Fitr Holidays

According to the verdict, shared on twitter by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, the Ramadan 29 during the year, will be the last working day of the private sector employees according to Umm Al-Qura calendar for Eid Al-Fitr holidays. This means that now the employees can enjoy the last day of Ramadan at home along with the Eid vacations.

Most of the people wish to spend their last day of Ramadan in Makkah or Madina but they either need to wait up till the Eid vacation begins or apply one vacation against their leave balance in order to spend last day of Ramadan in Makkah or Madina as per their wish. Read: List of Heavy Fines on Saudi Employer Up to SR 25,000

The Beginning of Eid-Al-Adha Holiday

Eid Al-Adha holiday will start from the day of Standing at Arafah (Dhul Hijjah 9).

National Day Holiday

According to the verdict related to National Day Holiday, shared on twitter by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, that if National Day falls during a holiday, a day preceding or following it will be given as a compensatory off by the companies. Read: GOSI Benefits for Saudi Expat Workers in Saudi Arabia

Leaves in Case of Marriage, Paternity and Death of Employee’s Wife or Parents or Children

The ministry said that the private sector employees are entitled to avail of three-day paternity leave with full pay, 5-day marriage leave and five-day leave in the event of the death of wife or any one of parents or children. Read: SR.1 Million Fine and 15-Years Jail For Threatening Employees At Workplace in Saudi Arabia

However, if National Day falls on any one of the Eid days, there won’t be any compensation.

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Source: Saudi Gazette

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