Saudization in Engineering Profession to Take Place Soon

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For the progress of a nation, it is vital that the nation itself takes part in the progress and development of the society. Under the big banner of Saudi Vision 2030, the country has started to move towards the direction of progress. And for the right reasons they have started to inculcate local citizens in the firms and offices to shift their dependence on Saudi expats. Starting from the top-notch positions to medicine and labor, the country has evacuated a number of Saudi expats over the past few years.

Not only shifting the eligibility criteria to strictly Saudis but the country made sure to remove Saudi expats from their country by increasing taxes and what not? We have been covering every news around the country for our visitors and now the breaking news is that the engineering field that has remained safe from Saudization is undergoing major Saudization. What how and why are the must questions that we are going to discuss in the article below. So scroll below and read the latest happening.

Engineering Profession to Face Saudization

According to the statement by The Minister for Human Resource and Social Welfare, Ahmad Al-Rajahi, within a month, the decision of Saudization will also be announced in the engineering field. He futher said,

Immediately afterwards, all engineers will be deployed to Saudi and this work will be done in full force.

Why is the Process of Saudization Taking Place in the Kingdom?

According to local newspaper, the process of Saudization of all professions is being reviewed these days. Al-Rajhi explains the reason of Saudization saying,

Our goal is to recruit new Saudi youth graduated from Saudi colleges, universities and institutes into private institutions and companies.

How the Saudization will be Implemented?

According to the officials,

The Ministry is trying to set a specific rate of Saudization for each profession. This will be done in the style of pharmacists and dental medicine.

Will any Other Profession is Under the Circle of Possible Saudization?

According to Al-Rajhi many professions will be announced for Saudization. He clarified, The greater emphasis will be on the professions and institutions in which the Saudis are more attuned and the professions and institutions that are more attractive to the Saudis, the greater the degree of Saudization. Saudis working in these institutions and professions will also have good salaries. Read more: Saudization in Pharmacy jobs to take place from July 2020 onwards

Why Engineering Profession was Chosen for Saudization?

Explaining the reason of selection of engineering profession the Saudi Minister of Labor said that, It was possible for all occupations to implement the fixed rate of Saudization. Professions like engineering and accountants are particularly noteworthy in this regard. Both are professions in which the Saudis are in good numbers. Read more: Saudization in Food delivery Services Through Mobile App in Saudi Arabia

How the Public will get Assisted in this Regard?

The inspectors will do the raid campaign in the coming private companies and companies will be brought to the public so that our young Saudi people can know which company they can go and in which company overseas are more. This is a step to ensure that our young Saudi people can prepare and move on to these professions.

Seeing such reports definitely indicates a red alarm for Saudi expats in the kingdom. So, it is time for these people to check for alternatives. If you like the article share and subscribe for daily updates.

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