Saudization in Pharmacy jobs to take place from July 2020 onwards

Only nations rise to glory when their populations take part in the development and progress of the country. But different was the case for Saudi Arabia. Being gifted with oil reservoirs, the countrymen didn’t think about working in anyway. They believed it is their right to sit and enjoy. And being a hub of employment and jobs, the Saudi expats were attracted there even though the nation was ultra-conservative with strict rules and regulations.

After years of working on some patterns, the government finally took a stand for itself and its citizens. With Saudi Vision 2030 in mind, they started to shift their oil-dependent economy and diversify it. Bringing in tourism, international events, shedding conservative image, and what not? What didn’t satisfy the world was there Saudization or Nitaqat scheme.

According to this scheme, the organizations and companies are bound to have a stated amount of Saudi citizens to continue working in the kingdom. From labor to the business, every sector felt the harsh blow. However, the medical domain remained unaffected. But the recent news circulating has put the survival of medical persons in danger. What is it about?  Read about the exclusive news in the article below.

Saudization of the Pharmacies after July 22 2020

According to the decision issued by Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Ahmed Al-Arajahi, the profession of pharmacy and other medical fields such as companies, medical centers, polyclinics, hospitals, etc. are now under the Nitaqat scheme or the Saudization.

What is the purpose of this rule?

The decision made under for the Saudization of pharmacies is a health agreement with private entities in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Promotion Manpower Fund Target, and the Saudi Chamber of Commerce and Trade Council. It aims to set Saudization of forty thousand posts in private health institutions. Read more: Saudization in Food delivery Services Through Mobile App in Saudi Arabia

Which jobs will now be held by Saudi citizens?

According to the local newspaper, all posts on pharmacists and related matters will be held by Saudi citizens, whereas the Saudi expats on these posts will be discharged, and this should be done in two phases. Read more: No more Major Professions for Saudi Expats in the Hotel Industry

What are the two phases of Saudization in pharmacies?

The Saudization of the pharmacies will take place in two phases.

  • In the first phase, the pharmacies have to keep 20% of Saudi locals or Saudization.
  • In the second phase, 30% of the pharmacies and related fields must be saturated with Saudi citizens.

When will pharmacy Saudization phases begin?

According to the Ministry of Labor, the first phase will be implemented from July 22, 2020, whereas, the second phase will begin on July 11, 2021. Read more: No Saudi expat to be hired for Tourism & Hospitality sector 

All the medical fields, including pharmacies, will be under this rule?

No, the rule will be applied to those institutions where the number of Saudi expats working in five pharmacists or more. The remaining is exempted.

The exemption announced by Ministry of Labor

Ministry of Labor has announced that several departments will be exempted from the ban. They are Pharmacists with pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical agents, pharmaceuticals, and factories offering pharmaceutical marketing will receive this exemption.

It is an excellent agreement for the Saudi citizens while a sharp blow for the foreigners. It is essential to make alternatives for those serving the nation for long periods. Till then, share the article and subscribe to us for breaking updates.

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Source: Arab News

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