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Schengen, UK and US visas Holders allowed free entry to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is keen to shift its economy from oil to tourism and other non-oil sources of revenue. Under this aim as a project of Saudi Vision 2030, different rules and regulations are implemented daily. New orders are passed by higher authorities to facilitate tourism in the country. Different International level events are organized in various sectors like sports, entertainment, arts, etc.

Recently, a big event was held, which made the headlines, the boxing competition of Anthony Joshua. Similarly, new visa schemes and insurance policies are introduced to attract people. A similar execution is done by official authorities where they announced the free entry for a set of tourists in the Kingdom.

Who are those lucky people? Why is this new order being passed? Also, a new airport is being established to regulate tourism. Where is the new airport being setup? What is the need for that airport? Get an exclusive insight into it in the article below.

The new law that allows free entry into the Kingdom

According to the recent circular by The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) on 4th December, 2019, the national air carriers will allow free entry into the Kingdom to the holders of Schengen, UK and US visas as well as those having entry visas to European Union countries, irrespective of their nationalities.

In the Schengen visa, 26 states are enlisted. According to the local newspaper, this new decision is functional for all the tourist and business or trade visa holders as well. Read more: Saudi Expats can apply for Saudi Host Visa with 90 days validity soon

What are the two primary conditions for entry in the Kingdom?

Even though the visa holders of the domains mentioned above will get free entry, yet two significant conditions are to be fulfilled to permit the tourist in the Kingdom. They are as follows:

  1. The visa shall be valid for use at the time of arrival at any of the Kingdom’s entry points and continues to be valid after the end of the period of visiting the Kingdom.
  2. The visa holder’s passport must have been stamped with an entry visa at least once from the country, which is granting the permit.

Necessary measures are taken to implement this new order

To enforce this new law, GACA has already called on the national carriers to review their previous conditions for the entry of visa holders from the Western countries mentioned above with orders to allow them to visit the Kingdom freely as long as the requirements are abided by. Read more: Nationals other than from 49 Countries can Apply Saudi Tourist Visa Online

A new airport is set up to facilitate tourism in every corner

To assist citizens living in every corner of the country and achieve the objectives of GACA in developing infrastructure and raising the level of services, a new airport on the northern border was built. The Arar airport made its first official trial operation on Wednesday, where the Saudi Arabian Airlines arrival and departure flights from and to Riyadh operated successfully.

What was the need to build a new airport at the northern border?

Under the Saudi vision 2030 of development and progress in every sector and every region of the country, the new terminal airport was built as per commands of GACA. The successful start of the trial operation is expected to contribute to the development process of the region.

The new airport will not only fulfill the needs and demands of the residents of the northern area but allow them to enjoy the International standards by providing the best technology and services to enhance the traveler experience. Read more: Saudi Arabia and UAE to issue joint visa soon for Tourists

Why was a trail operation launched rather than the proper functional airport?

The trial operation phase inaugurated by GACA on Sunday is a scientific and practical approach that all great minds take while implementing the most significant infrastructure projects around the world. This allows you to test your infrastructure, identify the gaps, and solve the problems before the complete operation starts at the infrastructure.  

Surely the new rules will allow freedom of travel and promote tourism. Let us wait till the decision will be implemented in full swing. Share your thoughts in the comment section below about the changes Saudi Arabia is keen to bring for the world to witness.

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