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SCTH Announces Saudi Tourist Guides to Speak 11 Languages

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Saudi Vision 2030

The Saudi vision 2030 is touching its extreme heights and contributing towards the betterment and improvement of the economy and the welfare of the Saudi citizens and Saudi expats living inside the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The basic motive aims in making the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia a non-oil revenue dependent economic country. Keeping in view the said goal, the Kingdom is investing more in the advancement, tourism and entertainment activities which are helpful in lifting the economy very well. 

Kingdom Plan to Open Its Tourism Sites for Outside Visitors

We have already mentioned in our previous article that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced its potential plan to provide the Visa free access to its tourism sites to the countries like USA, EUROPE, JAPAN and CHINA. This will for sure, bring more tourism inside the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and will help in boosting the economy by generating more revenue in the sector of tourism. Recommended: Saudi Arabia to Offer Visa-Free Access to Overseas Visitors

Announcement by Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH)

The Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) has recently announced that it will provide the required training to the Saudi male and female who are graduates in 11 internationally recognized foreign languages in order to work and provide their services as tourist guides. Read more: Female Tourist Above 25 Yrs of Age Can Now Travel to Saudi Arabia Alone

Training Program for the Saudi Tourist Guide Including Male and Female

The Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) has planned a very well designed training program for the Saudi individuals which will help the tourist and guide them while touring different parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We have enlisted brief features of the training program as follows:

  1. The training program will be conducted in 14 different cities.
  2. According to the SCTH, the applicant should be at least 21 years of age and are well versed and fluent with one of the following languages:
    a). Hindi b). Chinese
    c). Mandarin d). Portuguese
    e). German f). English
    g). French h). Russian
    i). Malay
  3. The training courses will be conducted out by the National Center for Tourist Human Resources Development (Takamul).

We hope that bringing such highly valued measures inside the Kingdom will definitely prosper the economy and will provide the well-being to the Saudi citizens and the residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Read: Pilgrims and Saudi Expats May Soon Travel to Madinah on Camel Backs

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Source: Saudi Gazette

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