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Sea Taxi will Start Soon in Jeddah

Saudi Arabia has been blessed in every way. From their stable economy to hub of employment, from their workforce to land size but what the lacked was the necessary mindset and execution of goals in the right direction. But after the launch of Saudi Vision 2030, it seems like the country is going to change its aura. From being an ultra-conservative, underdeveloped country enjoying the money from oil reservoirs to developing themselves into a progressive nation with diversity and modernization, the country has set his bar high and making every coin turn to achieve it.

The world is amazed by the beautiful display of progress the nation is entitled to obtain. Different projects of large scale mass attraction are completed and launched successfully where the rest are underway with promising results. Among these projects is the Maritime taxi re-opening that will change the dynamics for Jeddah city in a whole another way. Read the article to know about all the possible things you need to know about Maritime taxi and the project itself.

The Maritime taxi in Jeddah will connect the dots of development

According to Jeddah Metro Company Executive Director, Dr Osama Ibrahim Abda, the Jeddah taxi will start operating in 2 years. Covering the news, the local newspaper published that the maritime taxi in Jeddah will drive Sharm Abhar between the northern and central region of Jeddah. This will connect the whole area. The Maritime taxi will have 20 stations that will enable 29,000 people travelling daily through it. 

What will be the different phases of this project?

A private specialist company has been awarded a contract to prepare a taxi scheme.

According to the local newspaper, Osama Abdullah said that a private specialist company had been given the contract to design the taxi scheme. He further said,

The Maritime taxi project will be ready in 2 years. This project will be implemented in three (3) phases. In the first phase, a review of its usefulness will be prepared. In the second phase, a tender will be sought, and the contract will be awarded. And in the last phase, the project will be executed.

What is the public transport project in Jeddah?

Public transport project is a wholesome project to be executed in Jeddah. According to Osama Abdullah, it will have a total cost of 36 million riyals. Under this project, there will be the construction of the:

  • Cornish Tram.
  • Maritime Taxi.
  • Abhar Bridge.

Cornish tram

The Cornish Tram will be 15 km long. In an hour, 2,300 people will be able to travel.

Maritime Taxi

Through this taxi, 29,000 people will be able to travel per day.

Abhar Bridge

The Abhar Bridge will connect the southern Abhar with the northern Abhar. It will be 350 meters long and 74 meters wide. It will have eight lines on both sides. It will be able to pass 6,000 vehicles in one hour. It will be one of the largest concrete bridges in the world.

After the project is launched, it will surely attract tourists towards it. Further these type of developments are necessary for connecting the different regions and facilitating people as well at costly rates. Let’s wait and watch how and when the project will be completed. Till then, please share the article and comment below your opinion on these projects.

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Source: Saudi Gazette

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