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Smart Tunnel Opens at Dubai Airport

Smart Tunnel at Dubai Airport

We all know that UAE is always ranked high in adopting new technology. The UAE has emerged as a leader in the technology world in the Middle East. Recently, a Smart tunnel has been installed at Dubai airport.

Features of Smart Tunnel at Dubai Airport
  • it is a biometric system that allows passengers to simply walk through the tunnel without having to stamp their passports.
  • The first and business class passengers can now pass through the tunnel at Dubai airport, without providing actual passports.
  • Furthermore, the entire process works on the face recognition technology.
  • The passenger can finish the entire procedure within 15 seconds.
Overview of Technology Used in Smart Tunnel System

The smart tunnel system uses iris recognition technology, and passengers will have to first stand in front of the smart tunnel and before walking through for facial recognition. They can cross the tunnel in no time eliminating any human intervention such as used for passport validation and stamping.

Iris Recognition

The official said, “It is a future project and we have one tunnel presented in Gitex and later we will go to the airport to check the tunnel’s features and see what we can add to it before implementing the project”.

The Dubai Government already has saved $1.17bn through shared smart services since 2003, according to a six-month study conducted by an international third party commissioned by Smart Dubai Government (SDG).

This project is another a milestone towards the vision of smart city 2021. The video below provides the glimpses of the newly launched smart tunnel system at Dubai airport.

Source: Arab News

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