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Sponsorship System Will Remain on 5 Professions

Employment rules and law are must to protect the future and rights of employees. These laws are mostly changed and amended so that the employee’s problems can be solved. Due to the coronavirus outbreak and lockdown situation the work hours of drivers, farmers and labors were affected.

The Ministry Exempted Garden Keeper, Private Drivers and Others

The Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development has said that the new employment law will not apply to garden keepers, private drivers and guards, household workers and care workers. The statement said,

Others entering these fields will also not be included in the new law

According to the Sources

The Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development said that,

The scope of the new employment law will cover all employees of private companies.

It may be recalled that the Ministry on Wednesday introduced a new employment contract saying that Saudi expat employees would be able to issue an exit re-entry visa, final exit and transfer employers by informing his employer online. Read more: KSA Announces to Allow Expats to Change Employer, Exit Re-Entry Without Employer Consent

The Saudi Expat Employee Can Issue Exit Re-entry Online

He will be able to leave Saudi Arabia by informing the employer online without the employer’s approval when the employment contract expires, while he will be able to work for someone else without the employer’s approval once the employment contract is completed.

These new laws will help these people as the coronavirus was a huge loss for them as they weren’t able to work. For more information regarding the topic do visit our website.

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