Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia

Sports Clubs and Exercise Centres Open in Jeddah

After a long time finally, a piece of positive news regarding the lock down has arrived that the sports clubs and gyms are going to reopen. But the SOPs will be followed strictly. As in sports clubs and exercise, centres can follow the SOPs. It is not that much of a problem for the staff and the people coming there for exercise can perform their exercises without any other person standing nearby in the radius of 6 meters.

SPA Reporting the News

According to the Saudi State news agency SPA,

Sports clubs and Exercise centers in Jeddah were temporarily closed due to safety and precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

Ministry of Sports will Implement the Orders

The reopening of sports clubs and exercise centers will be fully implemented following the guidelines of the Ministry of Sports and the announced health guidelines.

The Temperatures and Masks will be Checked at the Entrance

Visitors to sports clubs and exercise centers will be tested at the entrance and their masks will be checked. Besides, sports clubs and exercise centers have been instructed to make special arrangements for sanitizers and to enforce social distance restrictions in all cases.

The Exercise and Sports Centers have Ensured the Ministry

The management of the exercise centres has said that the instructions of the ministry are being followed and all the exercise equipment are being sanitized from time to time. So, that whenever anyone touches the equipment there won’t be any transmission of the virus through the equipment.

It’s a great sign that sports and exercising centers are going to reopen in Saudi Arabia. This shows that the amount of corona patients is reducing. And Saudi Arabia is getting back to their routine activities. We should also help others to encourage them to stay at home so the doctors have to deal with fewer patients and so the corona situation reduces throughout the world.

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