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SR 300 Fine For a Child Below 10, Sitting on the Front Seat of a Vehicle

Traffic Violation

High Rates of Traffic Accidents in Saudi Arabia

We all know that the death toll in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is quite high and mostly the accidents take place due to the reckless driving and irresponsible behavior of the drivers. Such accidents are quite common and can be observed in every other street in the country.

The increasing trend in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia related to the death tolls is because of traffic accidents during the year. The recent study shows that 12% of the total deaths occurred in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is due to traffic accidents. Read more: Penalties on Using Cell Phones And Bluetooth Devices While Driving in Saudi Arabia

Driving With A Child On Your Lap OR At Front Seat Considered As Traffic Violation

The spokesman of the Traffic department has stated that, if you carry your child or any other child on your lap while you drive, then such action will be considered as the traffic violation and will be penalized. It should also be noted that the children under 10 years of age are strictly forbidden and disallowed from sitting in the front seat of the vehicle. Related: Saudi Interior Ministry launches E-complaint service for traffic fine

What is Fine for Driving with a Child on your Lap?

Remember, if anyone found driving a vehicle with a child on his lap will be fined an amount ranging between SAR.150 to SAR.300. Read: Procedure for reporting traffic accidents in Saudi Arabia

Evidence of Violation

What If the Violation is Repeated?

The Traffic department spokesman also said that if the offense is repeated, the driver will be sent to the traffic court for a harsher punishment. Most Viewed: List of traffic violations in Saudi Arabia for 2019

Other Punishment and Fines for Traffic Violations

The followings are the list of other types of Punishment and fines for the traffic violations:

S.No. Type of Violations Fine/ Imprisonment
1 Using Illegal Car number plates SR 3,000
2 Crossing Red Light SR 3,000 – SR 6,000
3 Giving a Vehicle Registration Card (Istemara) to any person. SR 1,000 – SR 2,000
4 Deposited Driver’s License as a Guarantee SR 1,000 – SR 2,000
5 Not Reporting Accident to the Authorities SR 10,000 OR Imprisonment

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Source: MOI / Saudi Gazette

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