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SR 3,000 Traffic Fine for Using Devices to Detect SAHER

Traffic Fine

Kingdom Vision 2030 Initiatives

The Saudi Vision 2030 is touching its extreme and contributing towards the betterment of the economy and the welfare of the Saudi citizens and Saudi expats living inside the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The basic motive aims in making the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia a non-oil revenue dependent economic country. Keeping in view the said focus, the Kingdom is investing more in the new technologies which are helpful in making the lives of the people easy. Traffic Fine

Drivers Using Unlicensed Devices for Detecting Saher Locations

Recently, the traffic police has caught a driver who was involved in the over speeding of his car and was carrying an unlicensed devices which assist and help in detecting the exact locations of the SAHER (speed cameras).

These devices help the drivers to slow down his speed before the camera can capture their over speeding. Such devices are not licensed for the individual citizens and Saudi expats and are not allowed to be used by any of the citizens except police authority. Recommended:List of Traffic violations in Saudi Arabia for 2019

The driver claimed that he was not aware of any prevailing law which restricts the driver to carry such unlicensed devices which help in detecting the SAHER (speed cameras) locations. Such equipment is only used and found in the police cars.

Traffic Fine for Using Unlicensed Devices Helping in Detecting the Saher Locations

The traffic police in Jeddah did a marvelous job and caught the driver who was carrying such unlicensed devices which were helping him in detecting the SAHER locations. The traffic policy has issued a penalty ticket to the driver amounting to SAR. 3,000 for such an illegal and prohibited actRead:A Cyclist fined SR 3,000 by Saudi Police

Based on the abovementioned, it is recommended to all the Saudi citizens and as well as the Saudi Expats to take care and don’t indulge in such activities which are considered illegal and are prohibited under the prevailing regulations. Read: Procedure for Reporting Traffic Accidents in Saudi Arabia

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Source: Saudi Gazette

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