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SR.5,000 Fine for Public Decorum Violators Starting from May 25, 2019

Overview of the Kingdom’s Initiatives in Promoting Saudi Vision 2030

The Kingdom has been taking broad steps in promoting new initiatives, services, Art and culture throughout the country. The foremost reason for such activities is the pro-active persuasion of Saudi Vision 2030 set by the Kingdom. 

In pursuance of Saudi vision 2030, the Kingdom has introduced significant laws which ensure the safety, security and prosperity of the Saudi Citizens and Saudi expats which normally access the public areas for their entertainment and good time pass.

Announcement of new law of maintaining public decorum

The Kingdom has introduced new laws and regulations related to the maintenance of Public Decorum and taking appropriate measures in eliminating or reducing to a greater extent the non-compliance of maintaining Public Decorum. Related: SAR 500 fines for distributing promotional brochures on doorsteps

Do you know that there will be a penalty up to SR.5,000 in case of non-compliance?

Any Saudi citizen or Saudi expats living inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia need to comply with the public decorum as mentioned above.

In case of non-compliance of the said provisions of the new law, there will be a fine of SAR 5,000 on the violator of the law. Read more: AED 500,000 fine imprisonment for filming people in UAE

Do you know that the penalty will be doubled in case of repetition of violation?

Where the violator repeats the same violation as mentioned above within one year after committing the first violation, he will be penalized severely and the penalty will get doubled.

The violator can appeal to specialized court against the penalty

The violators will have a right to appeal and they can raise the matter in the specialized administrative courts according to the regulations to reverse the decision of imposed penalty in their favor.

Do you know the nature of violations considered against public decorum?

According to the new law and regulations, the following violations are considered against the maintenance of Public decorum and will be subject to the penalties as mentioned above.

  1. As per the new law, it is impermissible and disallowed to appear in a public place in an improper dress by any one visiting the public places.
  2. It is also strictly disallowed to wear a costume or dress that bears pictures, forms, signs or expressions that offend public decorum.
  3. The violation also includes the writing or drawing anything that is illegal on walls of public places or means of transport without getting permission from the concerned authorities.
  4.  It is also not permissible to use any word or engage in any act that tends to harm those who visit public places, or intimidate or endanger them.

The bylaw has defined the public decorum as a set of behaviors and ethics that reflect the values of the society and its principles and identity in accordance with the fundamental principles mentioned in the Kingdom’s Basic Law of Governance.

Do you know what are the public places where the public decorum needs to be maintained to avoid violations?

According to the new law and regulations, the followings will be considered as the public places which are accessible for the public free of charge or in exchange of payment:

  1. Markets, commercial complexes.
  2. Hotels, restaurants, cafes.
  3. Museums, theaters, cinemas.
  4. Stadiums, medical and educational facilities.
  5. Exhibitions, parks, gardens.
  6. Clubs, roads, walkaways, beaches, and various means of transport.

When this law and regulations will be effective?

The executive regulations of the law to preserve public decorum and combat its abuse will come into force from Saturday, May 25, 2019.

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Source: Saudi Gazette

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