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Ten-year-old dives underwater to wish Saudi on National Day

The younger boy who dived in the red sea from Tabuk, he is ten years old and his name is Battal+Al-Ahmari, everyone talk about him, because the youngest Arab diver, went underwater to wish Saudi on the kingdom’s national day.  

Proudly held the poster that read “Himma to the top” to congratulate the kingdom’s leadership and people. In Saudi Arabia, no one has grabbed the tittle like this. He is the only one and young.

The Youngest boy grabbed the title

The youngest boy grabbed the youngest diver title, everyone glad to hear this news. He is the only one who grabbed the title like this, Egypt’s World Youth Forum will hold its upcoming session on 14-17 December in the Red Sea resort city of Sham El-Sheikh, the forum’s organizers announced on Monday.

He was the Participant Sham-el-sheikh in Egypt

 He youngest boy held this title in a tribute ceremony in the city of sham el sheikh in Egypt last year. Such an awarded news how youngest boy do at this age, but he proudly holds the poster that read vigour to the top.

Red sea from Tabuk

Can you imagine how this youngest boy dive 500 km? Tabuk Red Sea coastal region; lies in the north-west part of Saudi Arabia with 500 Km. but this youngest boy wishes to Saudi on a national day. 196,000 people talked about this youngest boy. Everyone is so shocked and motivate him with good comments. Saudi king support and also motivate him.

Egypt organizer invited youth

Last year the youngest boy Al-Ahmari participate in the tribute ceremony. The organizers invited youth from all over the world to take part in discussions during the forum, which will focus on this edition on peace, development and creativity through enrolling on the forum’s official website. 

Saudi Celebrates 89th National day

Saudi Arabia celebrates its national day, every September 23 to command the renaming of the kingdom of Nejd and Hejaz to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia by a royal decree from King Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud in 1932. The celebrations also aim to introduce the heritage of Saudi ruled Arabia appreciate the beauty of the country and the ruling family and promote pride in the family of Saud.

Saudi Arabia 89th national day

The youngest Arab diver, went underwater to wish Saudi on the Kingdom’s National Day. Al-Ahmari went to the Red Sea carrying his a poster greeting the Saudi King and Crown Prince. His poster was adorned with images of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdul Aziz and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, as part of Saudi Arabia’s 89th National Day.

Sheikh Khalifa sends greetings for Saudi national day

According to news Sheikh Khalifa wished King Salman good health and expressed wishes for the prosperity and progress of Saudi Arabia and its people. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai and Sheikh Mohamed bin Zaid, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, also sent greetings to King Salman.

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Source: Khaleej Times

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