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The Announcement of Conducting Examination of Skilled Expat Workers

On 7th March 2021, the Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development (HRSD) in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation launched a program known as “Professional Verification”.

Main Aim of the Professional Verification

The main aim is to verify that all skilled workers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have the required skills to perform the occupation they were recruited against effectively and will include practical and theoretical examinations in the workers’ specialized fields.

How is it helpful for the Kingdom?

The program seeks to improve the quality of skilled workers in the Saudi labor market, enhance their productivity, improve the quality of services they provide, as well as reduce the influx of unqualified workers into the Saudi labor market. Read more: 20 Things Everyone Need to Know About New Labor Reform System

The “Professional Verification” program has two separate tracks

One track aims to examine all skilled workers in their countries, in cooperation with selected international examination centers, before their arrival to the Kingdom. While the other track aims to examine existing skilled workers in Saudi Arabia in cooperation with certified local examination centers. Read more: Is There Any Special Rules In The New Labor Reform System For Huroob?

HRSD urges all establishments to begin the verification process

All the current skilled workers in the Kingdom will be tested but the verification will be gradually enforced based on the size of the establishment starting July 2021. As for the other track, the work visa for the targeted jobs will be linked to the skilled worker passing the examination in his country, and will be enforced on a gradual basis in accordance with a roll-out plan developed with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the countries sending labor to the Kingdom. Read more: 13 Key Points for Exit Re-Entry and Final Exit Visa Under New Labor Reforms

The program is expected to develop the skills of the workforce in Saudi Arabia

According to international standards to meet the needs of the Saudi labor market, and it will target more than specialized professions belonging to 23 specialty fields as per the Saudi Standard Classification of Occupations. It should be noted that this program is a part of the “Professional Verification” system, which seeks to regulate the labor market and improve the quality of employment in Saudi Arabia. Read more: Which 5 Professions are not Included in the New Employment Law?

HRSD urges all establishments wishing to conduct the examination for their skilled workers during the non-compulsory period commencing from Monday March 8, 2021 to register via the program’s official website: . Moreover, all centers interested in becoming licensed to conduct the program’s examination are to register in the same link to verify their eligibility.

Bodies which are subject to Skilled Examination 

  1. Accounts related professions.
  2. Engineers and technicians.
  3. Doctors and Paramedical staff.

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