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The authorities of Makkah keeping eye on the Haram from sky

Ramadan is a very busy season in Saudi Arabia, especially the two Holy Mosques, remain quite occupied and crowded because of the presence of Umrah pilgrims and the visitors from inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The crowd increases more when it comes to offering Taraweeh Prayers in the Holy Masjids, people come in the flock with desperate emotions and spend as much time as they can.

The increasing number of the crowd due to the reason mentioned above, raised the security and safety issues as well, sometimes the Umrah pilgrims fall down because of the dehydration while performing Umrah, sometimes the crowd becomes difficult to handle because of the pushes to each other in finding the way during Tawaf or Saae. Read more: Prayers other than 5-time prayers will not be allowed in the Mataf area during Ramadan 2019

The Grand Mosque of Haram in Makkah under complete surveillance

The General Command of the Air Security has initiated the air surveillance of the Holy Mosque, in the city of Makkah, and its adjacent areas for the safety and security of hundreds of thousands of Umrah pilgrims and visitors (including Saudi expats) who have visited to the holy city in Ramadan. Related: Mataf area in haram will accommodate 107000 pilgrims per hour in Ramadan 2019

The above initiative includes the provision of the following services:

  1. Air reconnaissance.
  2. Traffic monitoring.
  3. Medical evacuation.
  4. Rescue and firefighting.
  5. Logistical support for government agencies.
  6. Participation in the implementation of contingency plans.
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