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The Government Decides not to Deport Expatriates for Violating Residency Laws

The best method to reduce the crime rates in your country is to impose strict laws and then implementing them without any hesitation. And one of those laws is to deport the expatriates those violate residency laws. The Kuwaiti Interior Ministry has decided not to deport those violating residency laws.

Local Newspaper Disclosed the News after the Confirm Reports

According to local newspaper,

The Kuwaiti government has decided not to deport 15,000 people whose residency or visa had expired on humanitarian grounds. Due to the closure of government institutions, their stay in Kuwait could not be legalized in time.

Who are Considered as Violators?

Violators of residency laws include those whose documents show that their stay in Kuwait expired between January 2 and February 29. According to local newspaper, this includes 15,000 people whose Kuwaiti citizenship had expired or who were visiting Kuwait for tourism or business.

The Recent Decision by Kuwaiti Interior Ministry

Following a recent decision by the Kuwaiti Interior Ministry, the expatriate will be allowed to stay in Kuwait until August 31. Earlier, the Kuwaiti government decided to deport those who were later transferred on humanitarian grounds.

The Violators are Given a Period to Return Voluntarily

However, the Interior Ministry has made it clear that those who have violated residency laws before January 1 will not be granted a waiver under the current ruling. Such people must either return voluntarily or be expelled from Kuwait.

When will be the Decision Effective?

The Kuwaiti Interior Ministry’s decision will take effect next week. The Kuwaiti government has made it clear that the decision will not apply to Kuwaiti nationals, their families and employees.

So, it’s better for all the foreigner living in Kuwait to check their visa stamps and make sure that they still got time. Otherwise, packing your bags and booking flights is the best option. If you won’t be the one volunteering then many of you will be deported back to your country without having a perfect trip. So, to be safe and remain a lawfully perfect citizen of your country get you visa extended otherwise the Kuwaiti Government has decided to take action against the violators.

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